BAFRA Newsflash

Issue: 17/08

14th May 2008


It has been reported that BAFRA failed to provide officials for three games on Sunday, namely those at Hull Hornets, Farnham Knights Youth and Tamworth Phoenix Youth.

In the case of the two youth games, BAFRA informed BAFL on 1st May that we did not have sufficient officials available to cover the Farnham game unless the kickoff time was revised, and on 6th May that we were no longer able to cover the Tamworth game due to officials' unavailability. We are currently reviewing ways in which we can improve the reliability of the system by making such information

available to teams via additional channels.

In the case of the Hull game, two officials from the 4-man crew assigned to that game became unavailable on Sunday morning. There was no one else available and it was not practical at short notice to attempt to reassign officials from other games. Since a game cannot start with only 2 officials, a decision was made that BAFRA could not cover the game at Hull and the league were notified immediately.

I have written to Hull Hornets and Tamworth Phoenix (seniors) to apologise for the late cancellation of their fixture. BAFRA regrets the inconvenience caused to Farnham Knights Youth, London Warriors, Tamworth Phoenix Youth and Bristol Aztecs Youth.

Jim Briggs


At our meeting on Saturday, the BAFRA directors reviewed our travel expenses policy, particularly in the light of recent increases in petrol and diesel prices.

We decided that the mileage rate should be increased to 23p per mile, backdated to 1st May. BAFRA will amend game forms already submitted for the last couple of weeks. Please use the new rate from next week.

We will monitor expense claims over the next 3 months and review the rate again at our next meeting in August.

In view of the above and the effect it will have on BAFRA's budget, it is likely that the administration fee we charge teams will have to go up from 1st October 2008. I have written to the leagues to warn them of that.

There is no change to the 100 mile threshold before expenses can be claimed, nor to claims for rail/bus travel or tolls, etc.

As usual, please be sensible and economical about the expenses you incur and claim. Please make every effort to car share.

If you have any questions about this, please contact me or Charlie.

Jim Briggs


At the BAFRA directors meeting on Saturday some issues with assessments were noted and the following steps agreed:

1. We will henceforth assess all bowl games (possibly by 2 independent assessors per game).

2. We will assess as many elite games as possible.

3. We will ask our current full-time assessors to travel more to view more crews.

4. We will appoint a working party to come up with an assessment scheme that measures accuracy of calls (but retains some measure of mechanics), and is capable of either in-person or on-video application.

5. We will start paying people to do video assessments.

6. We will establish a training and qualification scheme for assessors.

Keith Wickham was appointed to chair the Assessment Working Party. We are looking for 5-6 volunteers to join him on it. If you are interested in helping out, please contact him. The Board is especially keen to include 1 or 2 people on this working party who have not been involved in BAFRA in this way before.

Jim Briggs


The South Wales Warriors have moved their home ground for the 2008 season.

The address of the club is:

Sully Sports & Leisure Club

South Road, Sully

Vale Of Glamorgan

CF64 5SP

Tel: 029 20530629

Directions to the club (from the M4 Westbound) can be found at this website on the ‘Find Us’ page.

Pete Johnson


Now that the exam is over and we have the results, the Selection Committee will be considering applications to the Elite Programme.

The minimum requirement for new and existing Elite Programme members will normally be:

The Selection Committee reserves the right to vary the exam criteria if this year's exam turns out to be harder or easier than previous ones.

If you wish to join and believe you meet the minimum requirements then please send your CV to

There is no need for existing Elite Programme members to re-apply, though the Committee will be considering the continued involvement of those members who do not meet the minimum requirements.

Deadline for applications is 5pm Friday May 30th

Pete Johnson


The Cornish Sharks have home games on the 15th and 22nd June. Are there any crews or officials who could work either of these games?

Overnight expenses will be paid by BAFRA and Charlie has advised that we will be able to cover airfares for anyone who can fly into and out of Newquay on the day. I will confirm this with Charlie if anyone is able to do it.

If anyone is available and could they please let me know by Friday 16th of May.

Pete Johnson


I am delighted to confirm that 3 training events will take place over the coming 6 months. Full details will be available shortly; however the dates have already been confirmed and are included in the calendar at the bottom of Newsflash for your information.

Steve Tonkinson, Charles Dean-Young and Pete Johnson have already offered to assist in the organising of the Northern and Southern events. If anyone else would like to help out please let me know. Also, if you have any ideas on the type of training you would like to see included, please drop me an email or give me a call to discuss.

Davie Parsons


I will be on holiday from Monday 19th May until Sunday 25th May. Pete Thom has kindly agreed to deputise for the duration, he will receive a copy of any email sent to the normal address during my absence.

Pete Johnson


This is just a quick mention of the standard of game management and field markings in my neck of the woods so far this season. Plaudits go to the Colchester Gladiators game management for their excellent organisation this last Sunday. They have set a standard for many other teams to aspire to. As for field markings, I've been to Cambridge twice now and both times they've scored a perfect zero.

Steve Tonkinson



BAFL Premier

London Blitz 48 v Gateshead Senators 0


Redditch Arrows 25 v South Yorkshire Mustangs 0

Kent Exiles 7 v Sussex Thunder 6

Ipswich Cardinals 6 v Southern Sundevils 33

Yorkshire Rams 28 v West Coast Trojans 6


Peterborough Saxons 25 v Bedfordshire Blue Raiders 0

Tamworth Phoenix 0 v Hull Hornets 0 - Postponed - no officials

East Kent Mavericks 7 v Hampshire Thrashers 20

Cambridgeshire Cats 76 v Milton Keynes City Pathfinders 0

Chester Romans 12 v Manchester Titans 39

London Cobras 34 v Colchester Gladiators 0









  New items this week

Danny Wright


West Coast Trojans



Player kicked an opponent who was lying on the ground.

01/06/08 vs Staffordshire Surge

Ben Williams


Milton Keynes Pathfinders



After committing an unsportsmanlike foul in the 2nd quarter and with 8 minutes left in the 4th, the player was tackled near the sideline. He then threw the ball at the tackler.

17/05/08 vs Bedfordshire Blue Raiders

  Outstanding items from previous weeks

Jason Osei


Hertfordshire Hurricanes



Lifted an opponent into the air and dropped him on his head.

Next regular

season or playoff

game he is eligible


Jonathan Varney


Sheffield Tomahawks



Ran 10 yards to block defenceless player, using helmet to lead his block

18/05/08 vs Yorkshire Rams

Maliki Hidar Saad


Bolton Bulldogs



Two unsportsmanlike fouls. Shouted "see you" and blew a kiss at ejected Sheffield player, then shouted profanity at official who threw first flag.

18/05/08 vs Lancashire Wolverine Colts

Note: it is the responsibility of the individual teams to ensure that their suspended players serve their suspensions in the proper game (according to the BAFA Disciplinary Code), and any dates mentioned here are intended only as a guide.






West Coast Trojans

Coaching & team area's marked down to the 15yd lines. Game was abandoned at half time when the Trojans ran out of linemen.

Les Connor #152

08/06/08 vs Redditch Arrows

Milton Keynes Pathfinders

No 9 yard marks, team areas marked to 30 yard lines

Brian Yates #29

17/05/08 vs Bedfordshire Blue Raiders

Gateshead Senators

No team area or coaches box. No numbers or 9 yard marks. The chains broke and had to be repaired, some of the chain crew vanished at half time and had to be replaced.

Pete Thom #200

22/06/08 vs East Kilbride Pirates

Hampshire Thrashers

Start of game delayed for 12 minutes due to the late arrival of the ambulance. The game was suspended for 15 minutes for the ambulance crew to attend to an injured player.

Mike LeFevre #341

29/06/08 vs South Wales Warriors

Southern Sundevils

No numbers or 9yd marks. One team area line was more than 12ft from sideline. Goals were different sizes - both wide and low, but differently so. Chains looked brand new but came off the stakes a couple of times. Two reasonable balls provided, but the third was in poor condition. Sundevils had not received any sideline credentials. Ipswich coaches had received their credentials but forgotten to bring them with them.

Jim Briggs #31

18/05/08 vs Oxford Saints

Sussex Thunder

Sussex originally thought that they might have pre-paid but when I informed them before the game that they had not, they said that they would sort out cash after the game. We waited 30 minutes after the end of the game but no-one came to find us in the changing rooms, so we left. I had a call this evening from Tony Miller to say that they had tried to get cash from three ATMs but could not manage it. They have promised to pay BAFRA electronically.

Dan Bridgland #506

01/06/08 vs Ipswich Cardinals

  Outstanding items from previous weeks

Shropshire Revolution

Game was delayed for 20mins due to an injury to Revolution's #67 who suffered a broken leg. The crew wish him well with his recovery and congratulate both sides for their patience and effort during a hard-fought game.

Keith Alldritt #323

08/06/08 vs Lincolnshire Bombers

Bolton Bulldogs

No team areas, ten yard lines only. The second half started late 30 minutes due to the ambulance taking two injured players to hospital.

Charlie Dean Young #258

01/06/08 vs Highland Wildcats

Gateshead Senators Youth

The chains broke 6 times during the game. The game was scheduled for an apparent 11am kick off, however the officials were informed that the KO was 12.00. Plaudits to Highland Warriors who travelled for 8 hours and were a credit to Scottish Football! Thanks go to both teams for an excellent game.
Chris Jarvis #10

22/06/08 vs Sheffield Tomahawks

Lincolnshire Bombers

No nine yard marks or numbers, team areas too small, crew had to change in two separate changing rooms as one was too small for all 5 of us. This was not Lincolnshire's usual field and they did well to get it marked out at short notice.

Pete Thom #200

22/06/08 vs Tamworth Phoenix

London Blitz

Chain set provided included a down box that was detached from the stake and could not be attached. This resulted in the box operator having to carry the box for the duration of the game.

Richard Vernon #103

01/06/08 vs Farnham Fast Lane Knights

Note: it is possible that any game may be cancelled, or any team may arrange additional games. In addition, the large number of game cancellations this week means that the fixtures listed here are highly likely to change. Any dates mentioned here are intended only as a guide.




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NFL game at Wembley


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