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10th June 2009

BAFA Situations Vacant

Due to recent resignations and changes to people’s commitments, BAFA wishes to fill a number of vacant posts.

The posts on offer include:

At least one deputy for each of the above is also desired. Full details of the posts and how to apply can be found at

BAFA will continue to accept applications until each post is filled. However, applications received by Friday 3rd July 2009 will be given preferential consideration.

BAFRA would like to encourage people from all sectors of the sport to apply for these jobs. Only by having the widest possible pool of candidates to choose from will the best appointments be made.

Recent BAFA appointments

Further to the news that the BAFRA Board has nominated Davie Parsons to join Jim Briggs as BAFRA's second BAFA director, Jon Wyse is lined up to be the second BAFCA representative with Jim Messenger, and Russ Hewitt joins Andy Fuller as the BUAFL directors. At the time of going to press, BAFL were still to announce who their nominees will be.


Gloucester Banshees vs Shropshire Revolution

Plaudits to Gloucester for the top-notch quality of their game management. The officials' changing room was well equipped with drinks and biscuits, the balls and towels were ready and waiting for us on arrival. Gloucester were also the first team I've seen in years to meet the requirements of Rule 1-3-2-b [look it up!]. The field was well marked and spectator areas were roped off. The only downers were the distance between the changing room and the field, and the lack of a dome to counter the pouring rain we had. Well done.

Jim Briggs #31

Manchester Titans vs Clyde Valley Blackhawks

I would like to applaud the players' and coaches' attitude from both teams; they played with tremendous energy in trying conditions and gave the crew not one ounce of trouble. No major penalties. Both are a credit to BAFL.

Alun Price #377

Recruitment update

The following is going out to all teams in the next edition of The Neutral Zone.

As this summer season goes on, BAFRA has continued to introduce more new football officials onto the field. However to allow British American football to continue to grow we all need to continue to recruit more officials. Over half of BAFRA officials are ex-players or coaches and this remains the most common route into officiating. Each year players retire from playing, and rather than lose these people from the sport why not encourage them into becoming an official?

BAFRA has a strong training programme in place for all new officials, which includes one-on-one mentoring system and a thorough introduction to the rules and mechanics of officiating football. BAFRA has long had a policy of waiving membership fees for new applicants in their first year.

How can your club help? It is clear that many teams have helped us in raising the profile of officiating. We have benefited from them pointing more and more people towards the BAFRA website ( We are keen to further develop this way of working, and will be providing more resources for teams to use. A variety of articles to aid in recruitment are available in our Team Pack. These can be used in your match day programme, on your website, or simply as a poster that can be displayed around your club or on game day.

Posters and other recruitment materials can be downloaded from

Ben Griffiths



Date of next meeting



London (proposed)

to be arranged

to be decided

Alan Dobson


first Thursday of month

Coopers Tavern, Burton

Charlie Dean-Young or Keith Alldritt


Thursday 18th June


Jim Briggs

Thames Valley

Monday 22nd June


Pete Parsons


The following teams are known to be providing a microphone for the Referee. Colchester Gladiators, Kent Exiles, South Wales Warriors


BAFL Division 1

Tamworth Phoenix 23-7 Oxford Saints

London Cobras 43-14 Cambridgeshire Cats

East Kilbride Pirates 50-3 Gateshead Senators

Yorkshire Rams 30-18 Doncaster Mustangs

Merseyside Nighthawks 8-20 West Coast Trojans

South Wales Warriors 6-10 Birmingham Bulls

BAFL Division 2

Highland Wildcats 0-30 Edinburgh Wolves

Manchester Titans 36-3 Clyde Valley Blackhawks

Chester Romans 0-10 Glasgow Tigers

MKC Pathfinders 0-43 Bedfordshire Blue Raiders

Watford Cheetahs 0-27 Staffordshire Surge

Hampshire Thrashers 30-13 Cornish Sharks

Colchester Gladiators P-P East Kent Mavericks – waterlogged pitch

BAFL Youth Contact

Tamworth Phoenix 30-6 Peterborough Saxons

London Warriors 20-2 London Blitz

Leeds Varsity Rams 32-0 Bolton Bulldogs

Sheffield Tomahawks 8-28 Forth Valley Fusion

Colchester Gladiators P-P Redditch Arrows – waterlogged pitch









7th June 2009

Andy Larwall


MKC Pathfinders



Kicked a prone opponent

14/06/2009 vs Bedfordshire Blue Raiders

Outstanding items from previous weeks

Rich Swain


Leicester Falcons


Punched an opponent while on the ground

21/06/2009 @ Staffordshire Surge

Note: it is the responsibility of the individual teams to ensure that their suspended players serve their suspensions in the proper game (according to the BAFA Disciplinary Code), and any dates mentioned here are intended only as a guide.


Home team


Next home game

New this week

Colchester Gladiators (Youth & Senior)

Youth game was postponed by home team management due to waterlogged field.  It was apparent that the field would not dry out sufficiently to allow the senior game to proceed safely, so we informed home management that the game would also have to be postponed.

Tim Ockendon #481/ Daniel Bridgland #506

28/06/09 vs Tamworth Phoenix (Youth)

28/06/09 vs London Olympians (Senior)

London Warriors & London Cobras

No numbers or 9-yard marks.  PAT mark on the 2-yard line. Both games suspended for about 15 minutes each to treat injured players.

Alan Dobson #308

Warriors: 12/07/09 vs Maidstone Pumas

Cobras: 28/06/09 vs. Ipswich Cardinals

Manchester Titans

Medical facilities were a qualified first aider in a rapid response type vehicle.  No stretcher was available in this vehicle but one was found within the rugby club.  No ambulance or vehicle capable of carrying a stretcher bound patient was present, no doctor or paramedic was on site.   I refused to allow the game to start under Rule 1-5-1-d.  Manchester identified to me 2 of their squad who were qualified paramedics, one of whom (to his credit) did not then play and took the role of paramedic in order for the medical requirements to be met.  The game kicked off on time.
Manchester have this week relocated at very short notice to a new venue at Ashton-under-Lyne RUFC.  The changing facilities are inadequate, the crew having to wait for the home team to vacate.  I would recommend that future crews travel in kit.

Alun Price #377

12/07/09 vs Lancashire Wolverines

MKC Pathfinders

No numbers, no 9-yard marks.
Chain set came apart on two occasions.

Brian Yates #29

21/06/09 vs Lincolnshire Bombers

Outstanding items from previous weeks

Bristol Aztecs

Both end zones 7yds deep. Some hashmarks (especially at the upper end of the field) were not 1yd apart.
On one side of the field the coaching box line was 6ft from the sideline; on the other it was 9ft. Neither side had a team area line.
Yardage markers originally pegged to the ground 6ft out of bounds, were moved back to 12ft on request to game management.
Changing room not lockable.
Officials assistants provided only 5-10 minutes before kick off.

Jim Briggs #31

14/06/09 vs Sussex Thunder

Doncaster Mustangs

Owing to work by the groundsman in the days previous to the game it had not been possible to mark out the hashmarks either at the inbounds or sidelines. In the end this did not prove as big a problem as was first anticipated. Plaudits to both teams for an excellent, hard hitting game played for the most part in a very good spirit.

Tim Vickers #129

14/06/09 vs West Coast Trojans

East Kent Mavericks

The changing rooms were not lockable. Two members of the chain crew were changed at half time.

Peter Parsons #321

14/06/09 vs MKC Pathfinders

Farnham Knights (Youth)

Field still 78 yards with 10-yard end zones and NFL hashmarks. Changing room still a long way from the field. Crew not paid.
Simon Ryan #408

14/06/09 vs

Maidstone Pumas

Norwich Devils

Goal posts (at both ends) not vertical and crossbar not in line with end line.
Officials had to share changing room with visiting team. Changing room not lockable.
Game suspended for 35mins in 3rd quarter while a seriously injured player was treated.
One member of chain crew had to be replaced at half time. One ball boy disappeared during injury suspension and had to be replaced on resumption.

Jim Briggs #31

14/06/09 vs Kent Exiles

London Olympians

Game played at Warren Avenue Playing Fields in Bromley due to unavailability of Crystal Palace. The crew was not informed.  Kickoff delayed 15 minutes while we travelled to the alternate venue.
NFL hashmarks in yellow, very short uprights, lines only every 10 yards.  Team areas very small.  No lines outside the sidelines.  Yardage markers placed too close to sideline, had to be moved back.  No seperate changing room.
This game is not indicative of the Olympians' general or usual standard of game management.

Alan Dobson #308

21/06/09 vs Maidstone Pumas

Maidstone Pumas

Game suspended for 10 minutes in 1st quarter to treat an injured Maidstone player.

Daniel Bridgland #506

28/06/09 vs East Kent Mavericks


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