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Issue: 05/14

6th February 2014


Two players are suspended this coming weekend (9th February) because of non-payment of fines arising from their previous disqualifications:

John Gareth (Edinburgh Predators v UWS Pyros)

Dami Oloko (York Centurians v Huddersfield)

Referees: Please treat them like any other suspension and report that they sat out the game via

Jim Briggs


Thanks to all officials, no problems with submitted crps this week. Please remember to continue to state if it's a new official's first or second game. Payments will be made to officials who were at the following games this week:

Nottingham, Portsmouth, Birmingham, ARU, Kingston, Sussex, Oxford, Hertfordshire, Sheffield Hallam, Staffordshire, Bath, Lincoln, Solent, Royal Holloway

Jonathan Ikins


Edinburgh Predators 9-0 Napier Knights

Glasgow Tigers 44-12 UWS Pyros

Durham Saints 64-13 Newcastle Raiders

Sunderland Spartans 55-3 Teesside Cougars

Leeds Celtics 0-21 Leeds Carnegie

Bradford Bears 24-10 Huddersfield Hawks

LJM Fury 0-27 Derby Braves

Sheffield Hallam Warriors 8-6 Sheffield Sabres

Lancaster Bombers 8-38 UCLan Rams

Staffordshire Stallions 42-0 Keele Crusaders

Manchester Tyrants 6-13 MMU Eagles

Birmingham Lions 51-0 Worcester Royals

DMU Falcons 20-0 Leicester Longhorns

Lincoln Colonials 0-56 Loughborough

Bath Killer Bees 65-0 Bath Spa Bulldogs

Oxford Lancers 0-16 OBU Panthers

Solent Redhawks 20-28 Southampton Stags

Sussex Saxons 0-55 Brighton Tsunami

RHUL Bears 29-25 Brunel Burners

Kingston Cougars 27-0 KCL Regents

Hertfordshire Hurricanes 46-0 BNU Buccaneers

ARU Rhinos 0-52 Cambridge Pythons

UEA Pirates 32-0 Essex Blades









New this week

James Cherry


Kingston Cougars



With 4.35 remaining in the 4th quarter, player committed his second Unsportsmanlike foul, both for taunting.

09/02/14 v LSBU Spartans

Previous weeks

Josh Smithies


Canterbury Chargers



With 7.02 remaining in the 4th quarter, player struck an opponent who was taunting.

02/02/14 v Kent Falcons POSTPONED – now 9 February v ARU Rhinos

Simon Thomas


Canterbury Chargers



With 7.02 remaining in the 4th quarter, player struck an opponent who had previously taunted his team mate.

02/02/14 v Kent Falcons POSTPONED – now 9 February v ARU Rhinos





New this week

Durham Saints

No limit line, no team or coaching boxes marked.

Henry Richardson #25


Staffordshire Stallions

There was only one set of goal posts, and the field was marked with NFL style hash marks

Richard Whitby #136

09/02/14 v Bangor Muddogs

Oxford Cavaliers

The game was suspended for 15 minutes while an injured OBU player was treated. The game ended with OBU scoring a touchdown. As the score was 16-0 no extra point was allowed by rule but OBU asked this refusal to allow an extra point attempt to be taken to be reported as they believe it may affect their play-off qualification under BUCS tie break rules.

Keith Wickham #423

09/02/14 v Solent Redhawks

Kingston Cougars

Played at Orpington RFC as Kingston's regular ground was not available. Pitch was 80 yards in length and 170 yards in width with 9 yard end zones. Hashmarks only on one sideline. No 9-yard marks or inbounds lines only marks on the main yard lines to mark the inbounds spot. No team area markings. Game suspended with 3 minutes remaining in the first half as the ambulance wanted to ferry injured players to hospital leaving the game without medical cover. After a discussion with their base and both head coaches the ambulance crew agreed to delay transporting the injured players and remain and cover the game.

Timm Ockendon #481


Sussex Saxons

Sussex are sharing Brighton Tsunami's home field this season. Well marked out field, though no coaching box or team area markings: cones were used instead. Goals right up against perimeter fence.

At some point in the first quarter, someone on the Sussex sideline gave one of the ball boys a composition ball, which found its way temporarily into play. It was removed once noticed and replaced with the original ball. Changing rooms were the usual portable ones and remained unlocked. One ball person was a bit poor.

Jim Briggs #31


Leeds Celtics

All markings were in pink/red. No limit lines. Team areas were marked between the 20 yard lines. Balls were provided around 15 minutes before kick off and all three were below the recommended pressure. The official's assistants were not provided as early as we would have liked and one of the ball boys was very unresponsive,

Dan Holt #371

23/02/14 v York Centurions

Lincoln Colonials

On arrival to the multi-function 3G pitch the following problems were noted:-

  • There were no posts.

  • The end zones were too close to the wire fencing, so the end zones were shortened to 7.5 yards by use of the soccer white goal lines at both ends.

  • There were only 10 yard lines across the field.

  • There are red white and blue lines marked on the field with the blue lines being the Football lines.

  • The following lines were not present:

  • Team areas from 25 to 25, flat cones were used.

  • Coaching Area. Hash Marks to the centre of the field.

  • Yardline Numbers or 9 yard marks

  • Administration problem: The officials were not paid.

Chris Jarvis #10


Royal Holloway Bears

Field is marked on a Rugby pitch making it approximately 12 yards too wide, hash marks at correct distances from side lines. Changing rooms shared with other sports centre users making an effective pre-game difficult. Kick off delayed by 20 minutes waiting the arrival of an ambulance. Two members of the chain crew changed at half time. Otherwise it was a good game played in good spirits, more competitive than the superbowl.

Graham Hedges #219

09/02/14 v Greenwich Mariners

Outstanding items from previous weeks

Brunel Burners

Field markings were red and quite difficult to see from one side of the field as the sun went down. Changing rooms are very nice, but located a very long way from the field.

Dean Wright #553

09/02/14 v City Sentinels

Tarannau Aberystwyth

Only two game balls were provided by the home team - the third ball was provided by the away team.

Amir Brooks #593

23/02/14 v Bath Spa Bulldogs

KCL Regents

Field markings were not updated after the mid-season break, as a result the lines in blue on the rugby field had deteriorated to quite a poor standard. KCL have advised that the pitch will be fully re-painted prior to their next home game, and also stated that they had been informed that the lines had been corrected during the week prior to the game.

We moved the sidelines in 1 foot on each side to use a white rugby line to ensure it was clearly visible to all parties, and due to the poor standard of the other lines made the chains definitive for all decisions regarding progress throughout the game.

Chain crew and ball persons were not provided until the scheduled kick off time, and one change to the chain crew was made during half time.

Phil Clarke #262

16/02/14 v City Sentinels

Bangor Muddogs

After inspecting the field, game management where asked to fill in divots in the middle of the field with sand. Other than this the markings on the 100yd field where in place, including numbering. The space for the team area opposite the pressbox side is inadequate - at it's maximum approximately 6 yds deep. The team occupying this area was asked to spread outside of the team area along the sideline to allow for the chains to be positioned and a clear sideline maintained.

One of the stakes on the chains had a missing extension pole so this was taken from the down box, the down box was held by the operator in the air.

By half time the field had deteriorated significantly and after a conference with both coaches it was decided to reduce the length of the field to 80 yds and not utilise the area between each 40 yd line.

Plaudits to both teams for competing in the conditions and playing the game in good spirit! The crew have suggested that the field conditions could be described as 'squidgy'

Kevin Stanton #157

23/02/14 v MMU Eagles

York Centurions

All markings in red, but the 5, 10 and End Zone lines well marked. The following lines were missing: 9 yards marks or numbers, 3 yard mark for PAT's, coaching or team areas.

Chris Jarvis #10

09/02/14 v Huddersfield Hawks

Southampton Stags

Team area line not quite 12ft from sideline. Goals tied to fence at each end but were well padded.

Jim Briggs #31

09/02/14 v Sussex Saxons

Canterbury Chargers

Played at Aylesham Welfare Leisure Centre. Football markings in blue with rugby markings in white. No team areas or limit lines and inbounds lines at NFL distance. No coaching line or 9-yard marks but there were rugby markings at approximately the correct positions that were able to serve.

Tim Ockendon #481

09/02/14 v ARU Rhinos

Coventry Jets

Coventry played in a mixture of different blue shirts as both teams normally wear white. 80 yard field with markings in various colours and team areas marked to 15 yard lines. Down box did not arrive until a few minutes into first quarter, an improvised box was fashioned and used until then.

Jed Brookes-Lewis #395

09/02/14 v Lincoln Colonials

Brighton Tsunami

Football markings in blue with other sport markings in white and yellow. Pads used to cover rugby and soccer posts were not secured so game management agreed to reset the pads should they fall over in the strong winds, which they did on more than one occasion. Posts two yards beyond the end line and team areas marked out with cones but field otherwise well marked. Plaudits to the Knights who, despite some of their team being significantly delayed en route, managed to get the game kicked off with only a 5 minute delay.

Tim Ockendon #481

09/02/14 v Portsmouth Destroyers

Worcester Royals

Medical cover never arrived for the game. After waiting approximately one hour with no foreseeable solution, and after consultation with both head coaches, the game was abandoned

Jed Brookes-Lewis #395

23/02/14 v Lincoln Colonials

Imperial Immortals

Field was very muddy but actually held up surprisingly well given the quantity of rain that fell during the game. Play was held up for a few minutes in the first half after a small foot-sized hole was discovered in the playing surface that had to be filled in.

Dean Wright #553


Portsmouth Destroyers

Crew arrived at the venue 1 hour and 45 minutes before kick off - it was noted that the home team was present but the away team had not arrived yet. After consultation with the home team it was clear that they were making many attempts to contact the opponents. As there was no response from the away team the crew had no alternative than to invoke rule 13-4-7a and wait 60 minutes after the scheduled kick off time. During this 60 minutes no response was received from the visiting team despite continuous attempts from the home team to make contact. After the 60 minutes the game was called off by the officials. I would like to thank the patience of the coaching staff, the players and the supporter of Portsmouth, the medical staff and the rest of the crew during this process.

David Knight #135


UWS Pyros

No limit lines, no hash marks at sideline . Nfl hash marks in the centre of the field . No numbers or nine yard marks . No coaches box or team area marked

Henry Richardson #25

09/02/14 v Edinburgh Predators

Swansea Titans

80 yard field which had no 5 yard lines what-so-ever, game management was approached but immediately stated that they "had run out of paint". According to rule 1, the game should not have gone ahead but we as an officiating crew knowing how vital this game was to both teams felt that we should leave it to the league to sort out any sanctions.

Colin Edwards #76

16/02/14 v Cardiff Cobras

Loughborough Aces

In a season where gaffa tape,short pitches and jumpers for goal posts are common place, plaudits to Loughborough University for providing excellent facilities and a beautifully marked pitch. Thank you.

Muz Gibson #268

16/02/14 v Worcester Royals



New this week

Play: A's ball, 2nd and 6, on B's 25. There are 23 seconds remaining in the second quarter and the clock is running. QB A18 intends to "spike" the ball immediately after the snap but muffs the ball. A33 catches the loose ball and immediately throws it forward directly into the ground on B's 29.

Last week

Play: A's ball, 3rd and 2, on A's 40. B21 intercepts A18's legal forward pass and returns it to B's 49 where he goes out of bounds. Team A had 12 players at the snap. The referee and umpire were still counting the offence when the ball was snapped, and only spotted the extra player during the play.

Ruling: B's ball, 1st and 10, on B's 49. This is a live ball foul for illegal participation (3-5-3-c). The 5-yard penalty would be enforced from the previous spot. If the penalty is accepted, it would be A's ball, 3rd and 7, on A's 35. The penalty will be declined.


New this week

Game Situation: Team A's ball, 1st and 10 on the B30. Team A run a sweep left. Tight-End A88 is lined up on the right hand side of the formation. A88 clearly holds defensive end B72 at the line of scrimmage after the runner has run out to the numbers on the left hand side, A88 falls down to the ground and drags B72 with him.
Answer next issue...

Last week

Play: After a play that ends near the sideline, the linejudge on a 5 man crew calls A88 for taunting the opposition bench. Which official is responsible for recording this penalty?
Answer: M-5-12-1. All officials must record all players who have been called for an unsportsmanlike conduct foul. This ensures that all officials are aware when a player could suffer a mandatory ejection for a second such foul.




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