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Issue: 18/14

8th May 2014

EXAM 2014

The 2014 exam is now available on the website. All instructions are on the exam which must be returned by 5:00pm on 10th May. In exceptional cases, a short extension may be granted at the sole discretion of the Director of Training ( Please note, no other person has the authority to grant an extension. As an extension has been granted to a small number of members, I will be able to receive papers up to 5:00pm on 17th May. However, unless you have been granted an extension, please note that any arriving after 5:00pm on 10th May will be subject to a marks reduction.

Just a reminder that all qualified officials MUST sit the exam; failure to do so will mean the loss of qualified status. Other members are strongly advised to attempt the exam. For associate members in particular, it gives an opportunity to assess your own progress and will allow you to identify any areas of weakness to work on with your mentor.

As of 11:30 am on Wednesday 7th May the following people have returned their exam papers:

Stuart Alger, Mark Allen, Francis Bevan, Andrew Binns, Amir Brooks, Roger Brown, Derek Burridge, Mark Burrows, Darren Carr, Colin Carroll, Mike Cavanagh, Alan Christopher, Alisha Cockerill, Martin Cockerill, Ian Cubitt, Stephen Egan, Tim Fisher, Gordon Galloway, Cam Gibson, Muz Gibson, Roger Goodgroves, Ray Grace, John Graveling, John Griffin, Aminul Hassan, David Hewitt, Rob Hill, Dan Holt, Philip Hume, Jon Ikins, Anton Jarbol, David Knight, Albert Lambert Jnr., Michael LeFevre, Andrew Lovell, Richard Madge, Julian Mallia, Adrian Miller, Lee Mills, CK Nam, Tony Newsham, Mark Niven, Tim Ockendon, Christian Olsson, Ian Papworth, Richard Prattley, Alun Price, Larry Rigby, John Roberts, Richard Samples, Chris Sandle, Norval Scott, Ian Sneddon, Anthony Tagg, Lee Taylor, Pete Thom, Tim Vickers, Ian Wainwright, Colin Willox, Alan Wilson, Mark Wilson, Lee Wood, Charles Young, Brian Yates

If you think your name should be on the above list and it isn’t please contact me as a matter of urgency. Please note that I acknowledge all papers received.

Paul Sutton


The following teams will not be fulfilling any more fixtures this season with immediate effect:

Senior League - Maidstone Pumas

Under 19’s - Standish Raiders

Under 17’s - Coventry Jets

Richard Vernon


For clarification, can officials please ensure that a single game day report form is completed for each tournament. This should be submitted along with the £5 administration fee for the tournament. Please note that the data is used by the Selection Committee towards deciding the bowl crews later in the year. In addition, if there is an associate member as part of the crew, please ensure that his/her log book is completed with the tournament counting as one game. Thank you.

Paul Sutton & Andrew Lovell &


The following 5 on 5 tournaments are happening in May





Pennine Panthers (Rams)


Justin Lester (07889 550843)

03/05/14 (Sat)

Cornish Sharks Tournament

Reviglas Sports Hub, Newquay TR7 3JA

Brian Smallworth (07885 277691)

17/05/14 (Sat)

Newcastle Academy Tournament

Park View, Chester le Street, County Durham DH3 3QA

Brian Carmichael (07940 564455)

17/05/14 (Sat)

Colchester Gladiators Tournament

Colchester Rugby Club, Mill Road, Colchester, CO4 5JF

Tom Burridge (07745 863891)

17/05/14 (Sat)

Your support is needed to assist with coverage of these events. Please let us know if you are able to help out.

Richard Vernon


Congratulations to Roger Goodgroves on completing all of the requirements necessary to become Qualified. Thanks to Richard Vernon and all those who are helping with his training.

Pete Thom


Coventry Jets 27-12 Birmingham Bulls

Shropshire Revolution 27-6 Leicester Falcons

Sandwell Steelers 19-14 Lincolnshire Bombers

Clyde Valley Blackhawks 51-14 Dundee Hurricanes

Watford Cheetahs 42-0 Ipswich Cardinals

Portsmouth Dreadnoughts 0-64 Bournemouth Bobcats

Swindon Storm 17-12 Bristol Apache

Gloucester Centurions 15-67 Solent Thrashers

Cambridgeshire Cats 6-52 London Blitz

London Warriors 44-0 Berkshire Renegades

London Olympians 20-8 East Kent Mavericks

South Wales Warriors 14-12 Colchester Gladiators









New this week

John Kelly


Bournemouth Bobcats



During a kick play and whilst the ball was in the air, player punched an opponent in the head whilst running passed him.

25/05/14 v Solent Thrashers

Dave O Connell


Ipswich Cardinals



Player punched an opponent in the side of the head.

01/06/14 v Bury Saints

Clarence Guishard


London Blitz



Threw a punch at an opponent;s head.

08/06/14 London Olympians

Luke Boggs


Cambridgeshire Cats



After being punched in the head by an opponent (see above), player retaliated by punching the opponent back.

18/05/14 v London Warriors

Demetrius Horner


Doncaster Mustangs



As time expired at the end of the second half of the second game of a 5v5 tournament, player threw an opposition runner aggressively to the ground, several seconds after the play had been blown dead.

Player already served a suspension in the next game of the tournament. (vs Chester Romans)

Previous weeks

James Walter


Oxford Saints



Video evidence of targeting foul. Penalty issued 30/04/2014.

18/05/14 v Leicester Falcons

David Saul


Sheffield Predators



Made defamatory comments about an opposing team and a BAFRA official.

11/05/2014 v Yorkshire Rams

Anthony Ellis


Essex Spartans



Act of unsportsmanlike conduct immediately after the game that was his second UNS. This was his third disqualification offence within 12 months hence a 12 month ban.

Suspended until 06/06/14





New this week

London Olympians

Field was marked in metres so the chains were definitive. 90-metre field with 5-metre end zones so goal lines moved to 5-metre lines and field length reduced to 80-metres. Inbounds lines 30-feet from sidelines rather than the usual 60. Team areas were too close to the field and marked between the 15-metre lines. Normal goal padding not available but a suitable alternative was engineered by game management by lashing smaller pads together and secured to the posts.

Tim Ockendon #481

22/06/14 v London Warriors

Burnley Tornadoes

Only one set of short yard extension lines were present in the centre of the field, there were no inbounds lines. The three yard try mark was a line running across the full width of the field. There were no nine yard marks or numbers. The pitch had a significant slope running across it. The coaching line was marked but there was no team area lines.

Prior to the game it was determined that the minimum medical requirement was not met. Only an ambulance technician and qualified first aider were present. The ambulance technician had been a first aider in the army but was not registered with the HPC/CSPR. However a qualified doctor was found prior to kick-off and the game kicked off on time.

The home team provided three composite game balls, the away team agreed to play with these footballs.

Ben Griffiths #228


Northumbria Mustangs

Teams wanted to play on an Astroturf pitch without any field markings. When asked about the possibility of getting field markings to meet the minimum requirements to allow the game to be played, the Officials were told that it wouldn't happen. With the crew in agreement home team management were informed 1 and a half hours before kickoff time that the game could not proceed. BAFRA Director of Operations was informed and the crew left the venue.

Henry Richardson #25


South Wales Warriors

Chain crew was changed at half time, with a further change made in the 3rd quarter.

Amir Brooks #593

08/06/14 v East Kent Mavericks


Played on a rugby league field that had to be shortened as the posts were in the field of play, k/o delayed while ambulance staff turned up. Plaudits to both teams, this game goes from strength to strength, at one point there was over 400 people watching, excellent game management a pleasure to do, played in excellent spirit thanks to both Lancaster and York for a great War of the Roses 2014. Here's to 2015!!

Tony Newsham #302


Outstanding items from previous weeks

Merseyside Nighthawks

Walney Terriers arrived 12.45 for a 13.00 kickoff. Actual kickoff at 13.40 and away team assessed a 15 yard DOG penalty on the kickoff in acc. with Rule 3.4.1a.

Mike Cavanagh #465

01/06/14 v Staffordshire Surge

Manchester Titans Junior

Prior to the game Manchester queried the minimum roster size; Chester only had 15 registered players and only 14 in kit. Officials stated that they were aware BAFANL has minimum roster sizes, but it was a league rule and not a playing rule.

Later the the Manchester game day manager asked me to take a phone-call on her phone from Steve Whitter (BAFANL Junior Contact). He stated that as Chester did not meet the minimum roster requirements they automatically forfeited that game. However if both coaches agreed the game could still take-place as a non-competitive/non-league game (with the result not counting towards the league standings). Steve Whitter stated that the officials did not have to officiate the game if they wished not to. All the officials were happy to officiate the game whether it counted towards the league standings or not. Both coaches agreed to play and the game was played.

The game was played under 8-a-side rules on a pitch marked up for an 11-a-side game (90 yard pitch). One end zone was used and for the other end zone the 10 yard line was used as the goal line and the goal line was used as the endline, this meant the short yard extension marks extended into one endzone. The field of play was 40 feet too wide. There were right rugby markings within one yard of the goal line. The team area was not marked between the 25 yard lines. The coaching line was 8 feet from the side line and the team area marking was only 10 feet from the side line.

Ben Griffiths #228

22/06/14 v Burnley Tornadoes

Lincolnshire Bombers

All field markings were in red, with other sports markings in white and blue. 90 yard field, end zones were reduced to 7 yards because the end line was too close to the perimeter fence. No nine yard marks, no limit lines, no coaches box or team area. Only one set of goal posts. Changing room not big enough for more than two people and not lockable.

Dan Holt #371

18/05/14 v Peterborough Saxons

London Blitz

Well marked field with several small areas that were potential trip hazards attended to by game management prior to kickoff. Fixed athletics equipment within the limit lines by one corner of the field was well padded, plane of goals not in the plane of the end line and team area lines were replaced by 6-foot wide tarpaulins staked into the ground.

Tim Ockendon #481

08/06/14 v London Olympians

Berkshire Renegades

The field did not have 5 yard lines at every 5 line interval (although there were some) and NFL style hashmarks. This was due to them playing on a temporary field and the contractors who marked the field failing to use the diagram provided by the team.

Keith Wickham #423

11/05/14 v London Olympians


Play of the week is suspended during the exam period.




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