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Issue: 31/14

7th August 2014


As you can imagine, the BAFRA Annual Convention takes a considerable amount of planning and preparation before the event to ensure it is a success each year. In the past, the bulk of this responsibility has fallen on the President and the Director of Training. For 2015, it has been agreed that a small working group will be established consisting of these two directors and two other members. In addition to sharing the workload, this will allow some fresh ideas to be injected into the process.

If any member would like to be considered for this working group, please let me know by 22nd August and include with your expression of interest a short statement indicating what you think you can bring to the role. The group will conduct all of its meetings and discussions electronically so no travel for meetings will be involved.

Paul Sutton


Play-offs for the Under 19 competition commence on this date. As a result assignments for these games will not be sent out until much later than normal as this weekend’s results may affect those games. This will probably be next Monday.

Assignments for other games should be sent out earlier than this. So if you are not assigned a game already it does not mean you will definitely not have a game. Please contact me or Tim if you need further information

Richard Vernon


The next Elite Training Clinic will take place on Saturday 13th September 2014 at the Highfield Hotel in Bradford, All BAFRA members are welcome to attend. Numbers are limited so please confirm your place by contacting me. For discounted accommodation at the Highfield Hotel on the 13th September, please contact

Ben Griffiths



The minutes of the July Board meeting are available in the member’s area of the website at:

Paul Sutton


Leicester Falcons 6-6 Shropshire Revolution

Peterborough Saxons 12-33 Oxford Saints

Clyde Valley Blackhawks 24-0 Glasgow Tigers

Aberdeen Roughnecks 0-69 Edinburgh Wolves

Chester Romans 36-10 Manchester Titans

Watford Cheetahs 41-0 London Hornets

Bury Saints 20-43 Ouse Valley Eagles

Solent Thrashers 73-6 Bristol Apache

Torbay Trojans 6-38 Swindon Storm

Doncaster Mustangs 8-28 Sheffield Predators

Tamworth Phoenix 32-13 Yorkshire Rams

Lancashire Wolverines 63-0 Gateshead Senators

Colchester Gladiators 0-57 Bristol Aztecs









New this week

Gareth Evans


London Hornets



Punched an opponent twice.


Graeme Duncan


Clyde Valley Blackhawks



After the play #99 pulled his helmet off, was trying to get to opponents and throwing punches. As his team mates were trying to restrain him, he was stamping on an opponent.

10/08/14 v West Coast Trojans

Previous weeks

Josh Ashmore


Coventry Jets Junior



At the end of the game the player swore at an official.


Ryan Adams


Staffordshire Surge



As Above

10/08/14 v Crewe Railroaders

Andrew Tyler


London Olympians



Coach was penalised for 2 unsportsmanlike conduct fouls.

10/08/14 v South Wales Warriors





New this week

Sussex Thunder

No coaching boxes or team areas marked. Balls in poor condition. Chain crew very poor. Teams agreed prior to game to play 12 min quarters.

Jim Briggs #31


Chester Romans

Following the advice given by a previous crew, the field was set up as 80 yards with 11 yard endzones. The field is still marked in blue with white rugby markings. Towards the end of the double header the field markings where becoming faded and will need remarking for the next game against Walney. Officials changing rooms are of good standard, although not lockable.

Kevin Stanton #157


Balby Carr Mustangs

This fixture was a Double Header in association with the Senior Game, therefore the field was a full width field reduced to 80yds long with 10 yard endzones. The game was delayed for 15 minutes to allow some Pennine Panthers players to arrive and the KO time for the Senior Game was also delayed .

Chris Jarvis #10


Outstanding items from previous weeks

Sandwell Steelers

Kickoff delayed until 15.00 awaiting arrival of medical staff. Neither officials, nor away team were prior informed of the delay in kickoff time, until arrival at venue.

No field numbers or nine yard markings. End zones questionable depth - one end very close to natural barrier (tree branches and fence), home team requested to provide crash mat for this corner of the End Zone. Game management generally good with home team providing assistants in very good time, and with hi-viz jackets

Mike Cavanagh #465

10/08/14 v Shropshire Revolution

Crewe Railroaders

Serious injury to visiting team player occurred at 00:12 in Q2. Both Head Coaches and Officials agreed to call half-time at that point as an ambulance was required to move the player. The total delay was 68 minutes (which included half-time). There were 2 disqualifications just prior to this injury so the long delay also helped diffuse the situation to some extent. Field was 90 yards in length. Some lines very faint.

Stuart Young #33

17/08/14 v Merseyside Nighthawks

Merseyside Nighthawks

No team areas marked due to constraints of field surface, although coaches were able to stand 6' outside sidelines, and players behind coaches. Only one goal post, so as teams wished to kick, all drives were towards the one set of posts

Mike Cavanagh #465


Birmingham Bulls

Field markings were in blue, but reasonably clear. However, the sideline yard marks were extremely short and were barely visible in places. No 9-yard marks.

Amir Brooks #593

17/08/14 v Doncaster Mustangs

Yorkshire Rams

90 yard field. No nine yard marks or numbers. No team area or coaches box. No limit lines. No coat hooks in the changing room.

Dan Holt #371

10/08/14 v Nottingham Caesars

Staffordshire Surge

Changing room hardly big enough for two let alone four officials. Waited for the teams to go on to the field before using their changing areas. One ballboy provided, and three changes during game.

Mike Cavangh #465

10/08/14 v Crewe Railroaders

Lincolnshire Bombers

Only one set of goal posts were available so the game was played with both teams attacking the one set of posts when their offences were on the field.

Muz Gibson #268

17/08/14 v Sandwell Steelers

London Olympians

Team areas marked to 18 yard lines. Extra point lines marked at 2 yards rather than 3 yards. Team areas marked to 18 yard lines. Extra point lines marked at 2 yards rather than 3 yards. No limit lines. Changing rooms not lockable. Multiple changes to ball persons and chain crew occurred during the game.

Peter Parsons #321

17/08/14 v Colchester Gladiators

Sheffield Predators

Further to previous reports the PAT and limit lines are still missing. On a positive note, 3 balls were supplied and the ball persons were available throughout the game. Excellent game management including the prevision of drinks, snacks and cool box for use of the officials.

Richard Whitby #136

10/08/14 v Lancashire Wolverines



New this week

Play: 1st and 10 on the Team A 20 yard line. Running back A34 is running with the ball in the open field at the Team A 30 yard line. Defensive Safety B20 runs quickly to engage A34 in the front, tackling him by launching himself, leaving his feet in an upward direction and making contact with his shoulder against A34's head / neck area. A34 falls to the ground at the Team A 25 yard line. Ruling?

Last week

Play: A's ball, 3rd and 10, on A's 30. QB A10 is trapped on A's 22 so he tosses the ball backwards to A72 who catches it on A's 21. A72 runs to A's 24 where he fumbles the ball out of bounds on A's 28. Back A42 was illegally in motion at the snap. After the loose ball was out of bounds, A67 clipped B78. Ruling?

Ruling: A's ball, 4th and 28, on A's 12. The clock starts on the ready. The fumble went forward and out of bounds between the goal lines. The ball is returned to the spot of the fumble, A's 24. Team B will decline the penalty for Team A's illegal motion foul. The 15-yard penalty for A67's dead ball personal foul is enforced from the succeeding spot, A's 24.


New this week

Game Situation: 1st and 10, the ball is at the team A's 30 yard line. Quarterback A4 drops back into the pocket to look for an open receiver. He is pursued by Defensive End B90 and is about to throw a legal forward pass as B90 makes legal contact with him. During B90's subsequent tackle of A4, the ball comes out of the Quarterback's grasp. The Referee is well-positioned to see the action, but is not completely sure if A4 began to throw the pass as the ball came out. The ball lands behind A4 and a defender falls on it. No other official has a view on the action. Ruling?
Answer next issue...

Last week

Play: Name 4 game situations in which it is reasonable for none of the officials on the crew to be looking at the position of the ball. Note that these are all stated in one location in the Mechanics Manual.
Answer: M-5-4-4. 1) The ball while it is in the air (other than a glance to ascertain its direction if it may be coming towards you). 2) The ball after a pass is incomplete. 3) The ball at the succeeding spot until the snapper is about to touch it (Exception: if the wind is strong enough to move the ball). 4) The ball after a field goal is scored or missed. I'm sure there are plenty of other potential answers to this questions. A point to ponder: the ball will never commit a foul.




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September 14th (Sun)

BAFA Senior Finals

September 20th (Sat)

BAFA Junior Final

September 28th (Sun)

NFL @ Wembley (Miami v Oakland)

October 26th (Sun)

NFL @ Wembley (Detroit v Atlanta)

November 9th (Sun)

NFL @ Wembley (Dallas v Jacksonville)

November 15th (Sat)

BAFRA Board Meeting

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