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Issue: 32/14

14th August 2014


BAFRA produces and regularly updates a detailed spreadsheet. Its purpose is to assist the BAFRA Selection Committee choosing officials for British Bowl Games, the BAFRA Elite Programme and also to represent BAFRA on the IFAF panel for international games.

A number of officials have already requested to see their latest personal scores from the spreadsheet. Many report that it was very helpful in showing them the areas where they could improve their score and consequently their position on the spreadsheet.

If you would like me to provide you with similar information just let me know. All correspondence will be in the strictest confidence.

Richard Vernon


We have just received a request to provide officials for this important ‘decider’ to qualify for the finals at Doncaster. The London Blitz are hosting the Southern Youth Wildcard Game this year on Saturday 6th September at Finsbury Park, London, N4. Start time TBC.

Teams competing will be: London Blitz, Cornish Sharks, London Warriors, or Solent Thrashers.

Many of you will be officiating at the Youth Finals on 21st September. This is the perfect opportunity to prepare for the 5 on 5 finals.

Officials are also needed for the Scottish Youth wildcard playoff game, but this will be one game only. The game will be EK Pirates vs Hamilton Buccaneers, a straight head to head. Kick-off will be at 1pm on Saturday 23rd August. Contact me as soon as possible so we can notify the organisers that officials will be in attendance

Richard Vernon



The next Elite Training Clinic will take place on Saturday 13th September 2014 at the Highfield Hotel in Bradford, All BAFRA members are welcome to attend. Numbers are limited so please confirm your place by contacting me.

For discounted accommodation at the Highfield Hotel on the 13th September, please contact

Ben Griffiths



Sandwell Steelers 30-31 Shropshire Revolution

Peterborough Saxons 27-28 Lincolnshire Bombers

West Coast Trojans 12-40 Clyde Valley Blackhawks

Aberdeen Roughnecks 12-6 Glasgow Tigers

Staffordshire Surge 28-10 Crewe Railroaders

Walney Terriers 6-77 Chester Romans

Ipswich Cardinals 0-66 Kent Exiles

Bournemouth Bobcats 14-16 Cornish Sharks

Tamworth Phoenix 7-14 East Kilbride Pirates

Yorkshire Rams 25-0 Nottingham Caesars

Sheffield Predators 6-18 Lancashire Wolverines

Bristol Aztecs 14-28 London Blitz

South Wales Warriors 0-26 London Olympians









New this week

Nathan Russell


Hastings Conquerers



During a confrontation after a play had concluded, pushed his hand into an opponent s face and then headbutted him.


Previous weeks

Josh Ashmore


Coventry Jets Junior



At the end of the game the player swore at an official.


Gareth Evans


London Hornets



Punched an opponent twice.






New this week

Yorkshire Rams

On arrival at the ground it was determined that the lines were very faint due to the very hard rainfall that had occurred during the morning. With the agreement of both Head Coaches it was agreed that the markings were sufficient for the game to go ahead.

Chris Jarvis #10


Hastings Conquerers

Hastings are an associate team playing their first home game. The field had NFL hashmarks and was slightly too narrow (about 48 yards); but the game proceeded by agreement of both head coaches. Team areas have no coaches' line and were marked between the 30-yard lines. A limit line is present, but is only 6 feet from the sideline instead of 12 feet. Only two footballs and one ball person. The changing rooms are approximately 300 yards from the field, but are warm, clean and dry with private shower and toilet. The field is very open and quite close to the sea, so relatively high winds may often be expected there in future, as they were at this game.

Alan Dobson #308


Bristol Aztecs

Facility is excellent, however the football markings are in yellow amongst several other colours of markings for different sports. This makes is sometimes difficult to pick them out.

Dean Wright #553


Bournemouth Bobcats

No limit lines, numbers or 9-yard marks and PAT line at 2 yards. Inbounds lines extremely irregularly spaced making transferring spots from the sideline to the middle of the field difficult.

Tim Ockendon #481


South Wales Warriors

Kick-off delayed by 1 hour 15 minutes due to late arrival of away team. Due to the heavy rain before the game, the field wasn't marked until around 90 minutes before kick-off. The lines were thin and sometimes faint, and a number of lines were crooked. No team areas or nine-yard marks.

Amir Brooks #593


Berkshire Renegades

Visiting team did not arrive at venue within one hour of scheduled kick off time. As a result it was necessary to abandon the game.

Richard Vernon #103


Outstanding items from previous weeks

Chester Romans

Following the advice given by a previous crew, the field was set up as 80 yards with 11 yard endzones. The field is still marked in blue with white rugby markings. Towards the end of the double header the field markings where becoming faded and will need remarking for the next game against Walney. Officials changing rooms are of good standard, although not lockable.

Kevin Stanton #157


Crewe Railroaders

Serious injury to visiting team player occurred at 00:12 in Q2. Both Head Coaches and Officials agreed to call half-time at that point as an ambulance was required to move the player. The total delay was 68 minutes (which included half-time). There were 2 disqualifications just prior to this injury so the long delay also helped diffuse the situation to some extent. Field was 90 yards in length. Some lines very faint.

Stuart Young #33

17/08/14 v Merseyside Nighthawks

Merseyside Nighthawks

No team areas marked due to constraints of field surface, although coaches were able to stand 6' outside sidelines, and players behind coaches. Only one goal post, so as teams wished to kick, all drives were towards the one set of posts

Mike Cavanagh #465


Birmingham Bulls

Field markings were in blue, but reasonably clear. However, the sideline yard marks were extremely short and were barely visible in places. No 9-yard marks.

Amir Brooks #593

17/08/14 v Doncaster Mustangs

Lincolnshire Bombers

Only one set of goal posts were available so the game was played with both teams attacking the one set of posts when their offences were on the field.

Muz Gibson #268

17/08/14 v Sandwell Steelers

London Olympians

Team areas marked to 18 yard lines. Extra point lines marked at 2 yards rather than 3 yards. Team areas marked to 18 yard lines. Extra point lines marked at 2 yards rather than 3 yards. No limit lines. Changing rooms not lockable. Multiple changes to ball persons and chain crew occurred during the game.

Peter Parsons #321

17/08/14 v Colchester Gladiators



New this week

Play: A's ball, 3rd and 8, on B's 32. QB A18's legal forward pass is intercepted on B's 9 by B23 who advances to A's 42 and fumbles. A76 recovers on A's 46 while grounded. B53 clips on B's 46 during B23's advance. Clock?

Last week

Play: 1st and 10 on the Team A 20 yard line. Running back A34 is running with the ball in the open field at the Team A 30 yard line. Defensive Safety B20 runs quickly to engage A34 in the front, tackling him by launching himself, leaving his feet in an upward direction and making contact with his shoulder against A34's head / neck area. A34 falls to the ground at the Team A 25 yard line. Ruling?

Ruling: B20's action against A34 is targeting under rule 2-35. However this action is not illegal under rule 9-1-4 since A34 is not a defenceless player (rule 2-27-14). There is no foul here. If B20 had lead with the crown of his helmet, then this action would have been illegal under rule 9-1-3.


New this week

Game Situation: On a 7 man crew, when covering a goal line play near the Team A goal line, under what circumstances do the wing men have primary responsibility for the goal line?

Answer next issue...

Last week

Play: 1st and 10, the ball is at the team A's 30 yard line. Quarterback A4 drops back into the pocket to look for an open receiver. He is pursued by Defensive End B90 and is about to throw a legal forward pass as B90 makes legal contact with him. During B90's subsequent tackle of A4, the ball comes out of the Quarterback's grasp. The Referee is well-positioned to see the action, but is not completely sure if A4 began to throw the pass as the ball came out. The ball lands behind A4 and a defender falls on it. No other official has a view on the action. Ruling?
Answer: Rule 2-19-2-b states that when a Team A player is holding the ball to pass it forward toward the neutral zone, any intentional forward movement of his hand or arm starts the forward pass – and further that a forward pass is ruled regardless of where the ball strikes the ground or a player. M-6-1-5 and 2-19-2-c both state that when in doubt, the passer has thrown the ball rather than fumbled it. In this case, this should be ruled an incomplete forward pass - 2nd and 10 at the A30. The Referee should do his best to sell this call well.




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