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Issue: 36/14

11th September 2014


What promises to be a very busy college football season commences on 2nd November with 28 games. There will be a similar number of games every Sunday until early December.

Can all officials make sure they update Arbiter as quickly as possible, as we would like to assign officials to the first three weeks of the season very soon.  If any official is not going to be available for the majority of games in November/December, for whatever reason,

then it would be appreciated if you could let me know, also show yourself unavailable on Arbiter.

NOTE: Could officials on Wembley Chain Crew duty on 9th November show themselves unavailable on Arbiter for both 8th and 9th November.

Can ALL officials note that every game scheduled for this weekend is now scheduled on Saturday 8th November. So can all officials make sure they update Arbiter for Saturday 8th as we have 27 games due to be played on this day.

Richard Vernon


Membership renewals are due from 1st October for the coming year. All members will be receiving their renewal letters electronically in the next week or so. All instructions will be on the letter but, please contact me if anything is unclear. As always, if people anticipate any difficulty in paying their renewal fee, they should contact the Director of Finance, Andrew Lovell (, in complete confidence to agree a payment plan. This should be done sooner rather than later, but in all cases by the date given on the letter. To ensure that you receive your letter, please make sure that your e-mail address is up to date on the website. If you have not received a renewal letter by the 25th September, please contact me as a matter of urgency.

Paul Sutton


A BAFA Disciplinary Committee has considered the case of Russell Lingwood of Shropshire Revolution who was disqualified from a game on 27th April. Because of the severity of the offence, he was suspended indefinitely pro tem. The Committee determined that the appropriate sanction was for him to be suspended from playing for the remainder of the season (8 games plus playoffs). Now that Shropshire Revolution have been knocked out of the playoffs, his suspension is complete.

The Disciplinary Committee made a particular point of commending the officials and other witnesses who submitted very clear and concise accounts of the incident that provoked that case.

In a separate case, we reported that Andrew Tyler, Assistant Coach with London Olympians, had been suspended for the game versus Colchester Gladiators on 17th August. That game was cancelled and he in fact served his suspension on 24th August at East Kilbride Pirates.

Thirdly, a reminder to referees that if on game day a team asks you to report a registration or disciplinary matter (e.g. an unregistered player or coach), you must do so. The appropriate reporting mechanism is through the BAFA Disciplinary process, not the league. You may if you wish ask the team to put the matter in writing to facilitate your report. Failure to submit such a report may leave you open to action.

Finally, there has been some disruption to BAFA disciplinary team email addresses recently, particularly affecting Steve Rains and Darryl Morton. If you have sent an email to any member of the team and not had a reply, please resend it and cc me.

Jim Briggs


A request was put into Newsflash in August asking for members to put their name forward to assist in the planning of the 2015 Convention. Thanks to those who put their names forward for consideration. The Directors are pleased to announce that Heather Horner and Steve Egan have been chosen to support the President and the Director of Training in the planning of this important event.

Paul Sutton



The Director of Operations is on leave between Friday 12th and Friday 19th September.

Richard Vernon


The Director of Finance has informed me that a total of £1540 was raised for Cancer Research UK, our nominated charity this year. This amount beats all previous records and the Directors would like to thank members who donated so generously.

Paul Sutton









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New this week

Play: A's ball, try, on B's 3. The score is A28-B28. Time has expired in the fourth quarter. A6's kick is wide right. During the down, A49 flagrantly threw B97 to the ground by grabbing B97's face mask on team B's 7 yard line.

Last week

Play: A's ball, 2nd and 12, on A's 8. A-12 is sacked on A's 2. A-63 holds in A's end zone. Time expires in the quarter. The penalty is accepted.

Ruling: The 10-yard would be enforced from the previous spot if A63's holding foul occurred in the field of play. The holding occurred in A's end zone. Acceptance of the penalty results in a safety (9-3-3-b). A period shall be extended if a penalty is accepted for a live ball foul that occurs during a down in which time expires. The period is extended although no yardage is enforced on the free kick. The safety is the result of acceptance of a penalty (3-2-3). A's ball, free kick, on A's 20. Extend the period.


New this week

Game Situation: On a 7 man crew the Sidejudge is covering receiver A88 who is running a post pattern directly towards him. Just as Quarterback A5 releases a pass towards A80 who is running a different route on the other side of the field, defensive back B20 holds A88 and restricts his movement for several seconds. Ruling?
Answer next issue...

Last week

Play: How many signals should a covering official give when a playing near the sideline either (a) catches a pass inbounds and goes out of bounds (b) catches a pass and is downed inbounds (c) drops a forward pass to the ground. Which signals should be given in each case?
Answer: M-11-4-b-9. When ruling on pass receptions a wing official should give only one signal. Either (a) the timeout signal (S3) , (b) the start the clock signal (S2) or (c) the incomplete pass signal (S10).




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