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Issue: 39/14

2nd October 2014


Membership renewals are coming in daily. Thanks to those who have already renewed and for those who have returned the two surveys. From next week, I shall start publishing a list of those who have renewed.

Paul Sutton


We will be assigning games for week 1 and 2 of the season next week (Nov 1st/2nd and 8th/9th). It is therefore most important that all officials make sure their Arbiter availability is up to date please.

NOTE: for Week 2 almost all games are currently to be played on Saturday 8th November, due to an NFL game at Wembley on 9th November.

If any officials are coming to watch that game (Dallas/Jacksonville) and will be in London on 8th November and want to work a game on the Saturday then please let me know. (Two officials have already done this and will be accommodated)

Richard Vernon


This has been updated on the website with crews from the games this summer and one or two gaps that people have filled in. The updated spreadsheet may be viewed in the member’s area of the website at: If you are able to help fill in any of the gaps, please send me the details.

Paul Sutton



New this week

Play: 4th and Goal on B's 15. Team A attempts a field goal. The kick is partially blocked by B25 at B's 21. The ball falls well short and bounces on B's 13. It rolls to B's 9 and is muffed by B82. The muff causes the ball to roll to B's 18, where it is recovered by A45. A45 advances to B's 13 and steps out of bounds. Next Play? Clock?

Last week

Play: 4th and 5 at the Team B 22 yard line. Team A line up to kick a field goal. After the snap, B90 rushes past the offensive line and towards the holder. B90 kicks the ball out of the possession of holder A12 as he is holding it in place for the kick. There is a scramble for the ball, and eventually the ball is blown dead with A12 in possesion at the Team B 29 yard line. Ruling?

Ruling: A player may not kick a ball being held in place by an opponent for a place kick (9-4-4). Illegal kick by B90. The penalty is 10 yards from the basic spot, which will be the previous spot (10-2-2-d-1-a). Team A are awarded a 1st down at the Team B 12 yard line.


New this week

Game Situation: A 4 man crew are covering a passing play. Both wingmen have left the line of scrimmage to cover deep receivers. The quarterback throws a pass out wide to an eligible receiver behind the line of scrimmage. The pass falls shorts though and hits the ground. Due to the relative positions of the officials and the players there is doubt over if the ball was passed forwards or backwards. Ruling?
Answer next issue...

Last week

Play: Team A attempt a field goal. How should the linesman react move after the successful kick to ensure best coverage of the continuing action?
Answer: M-11-8-c-2. The Linesman should jog in towards the players, to encourage him to keep his eyes on the players and be in position to react better should any trouble occur.




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October 26th (Sun)

NFL @ Wembley (Detroit v Atlanta)

November 1st (Sat)

Xplosion 2014 – Birmingham v Hertfordshire

November 9th (Sun)

NFL @ Wembley (Dallas v Jacksonville)

November 15th (Sat)

BAFRA Board Meeting

March 28th & 29th

BAFRA Annual Convention

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