BAFRA Newsflash

Issue: 48/14

4th December 2014


Here is a list of games that are pre-paid:

30/11/14 Cambridge Rhino's

30/11/14 Northumbria Mustangs

30/11/14 Hallam Warriors

30/11/14 Warwick Wolves

30/11/14 Royal Holloway Bears

30/11/14 Loughborough

30/11/14 Sussex Saxons

30/11/14 Bath Killer Bees

30/11/14 Edinburgh

30-11-14 Chichester Spitfires

30/11/14 Gloucestershire Gladiators

30/11/14 Bradford Bears

30/11/14 Cambridge Pythons

Charlie Dean Young


The minutes of the November Board meeting are now available in the member’s area of the website at:

Paul Sutton


Congratulations to Bruce Leatherman on completing all of the requirements necessary to become Qualified. Thanks to all those who are helping with his training.

Pete Thom


Loughborough Students 20-16 Stirling Clansmen

Durham Saints 44-0 Derby Braves

Bath Killer Bees 13-6 Imperial Immortals

Brighton Tsunami 0-58 Hertfordshire Hurricanes

Glasgow Tigers 17-0 Sunderland Spartans

Northumbria Mustangs 44-6 UWS Pyros

Edinburgh Predators 8-14 Newcastle Raiders

Lancaster Bombers 26-0 Keele Crusaders

Bradford Bears 30-0 York Centurions

Hallam Warriors 24-14 Hull Sharks

DMU Falcons 0-48 Worcester Royals

Northampton Nemesis 0-58 Nottingham Outlaws

Warwick Wolves 28-6 Wolverhampton Wildcats

Exeter Demons 13-0 FXU Tridents

Gloucestershire Gladiators 0-36 Swansea Titans

Plymouth Blitz 8-20 Cardiff Cobras

Chichester Spitfires 28-28 Bournemouth Bobcats

Sussex Saxons 46-6 BNU Buccaneers

Westminster Dragons 6-18 Reading Knights

RHUL Bears 34-7 Brunel Burners

Anglia Ruskin Rhinos 0-26 OBU Panthers

Oxford Lancers 0-16 Cambridge Pythons









New this week

Ben Lee


BNU Buccaneers



The player head butted an opponent.

25/01/15 v Southampton Stags

Previous weeks

Patrick Heathcote


Kent Falcons



Player delivered a blind-side block whilst moving towards his own goal line by launching into an opponent and contacting him above the shoulders.

07/12/14 v UEA Pirates





New this week

Westminster Dragons

An 88-yard field had been marked between the goalposts, with the "5-yard lines" 4

yards from the posts, and an end zone behind. The field was then reduced to 80

yards with 9-yard end zones. No team areas. NFL hashmarks. The field is

approximately 250m from the changing rooms. Extremely muddy playing conditions

Richard Vernon #103

07/12/14 v Greenwich Mariners

Chichester Spitfires

Crew turned up at the venue to discover that there were no sideline hashmarks. Team did do all they could do to ensure the game went ahead - including going to local B&Q to get spray paint to ensure that hashmarks were present. This delayed the KO from 13.15 to 13.30. The first half had a number of penalties which meant that the half was over an hour. After half time it was decided that there would not be enough time to complete the game before we lost daylight - it was agreed to reduce the last 2 quarters to 10 minutes. Game ended at 16.23 with the score at 28-28 but there was no longer any daylight and was not safe to play overtime. Both coaches agreed to call the game as a tie. It was noted that the game was played in a good spirit by both teams and was a pleasure to officiate.

Dave Knight #135

07/12/14 v Surrey Stingers

Bath Killer Bees

Kick-off delayed by 20 minutes due to officials being stuck in 15 mile tailback heading into Bath. Field was generally well marked out, although the field markings were in blue and some sideline hashmarks were unevenly spaced. No coaching areas were marked out, and team areas were marked out on rugby field sidelines, some 10 yards off the football sidelines. The teams subsequently marked off correctly sized and positioned areas using cones.

Amir Brooks #593

25/01/15 v Hertfordshire Hurricanes

Loughborough Aces

Loughborough have started playing at a brand new facility, excellent marked field but due to the fence the end zones have be reduced to 8 yards to allow a safe run off area.

Ian Wainwright #567

07/12/14 v Durham Saints

Durham Saints

No team area or coaching box. No 3 yard mark. Assistants were not provided until just after scheduled kick off time. Medical cover was also delayed due to congestion on the A1 Northbound near Catterick. Changing room did not have private shower or toilet but had plenty of coat hooks. Upon returning to the changing room after the game, it became apparent that the changing room was not only for us and we were sharing with two hockey umpires. They were nice chaps so this wasn't an issue.

Dan Holt #371

15/02/15 v Loughborough Aces

Brighton Tsunami

Football markings in dark blue, other sport markings in white and yellow. No team areas but a line from other sport markings at approximately the correct position served as a coaching line. No numbers but 9-yard marks at the correct position. Goals approximately 2 yards beyond the end line lashed to the fence surrounding the field. KO delayed by 30 minutes due to late arrival of medical cover.

Tim Ockendon #481

25/01/15 v Birmingham Lions

DMU Falcons

Field Marked out with Duct Tape. Sidelines, goal lines, end lines only every 10 yards. Many lines were crooked, no hash marks at sideline or infield. no numbers or markings, no goal posts, no coaches box no team areas. Game balls all under inflated, no changing room provided had to use team rooms. Multiple sports field markings in different colours.

Martin Cockerill #345

07/12/14 v NTU Renegades

Royal Holloway Bears

Royal Holloway's field had two sidelines marked, one at the correct width which was very feint and one about 3-4 yards further out on each side which was much more visible (although still feint). To avoid confusion the game was played to the more visible (but incorrect) width. There were no coaching lines, no team area markings, no limit lines, no numbers or 9-yard marks. The changing rooms had lockers available, but were communal and therefore not lockable.

Pete Parsons #321

07/12/14 v Kingston Cougars

Exeter Demons

Falmouth began game with only 14 players with one those players (QB) in full uniform but carrying an injury. After injury timeout for Falmouth QB with a lineman injured, Falmouth Head Coach made it known that Falmouth would be unable to carry on playing and with the agreement of the Exeter Head Coach, the game was abandoned. Game kicked off at 12:30 and ended at 12:53.

Albert Lambert #461

25/01/15 v Gloucestershire Gladiators

Outstanding items from previous weeks

Greenwich Mariners

The field was 80 yards long, markings were very faint and hashes disappeared in the first quarter. No team areas or pylons. Had a delay of game whilst waiting for officials assistants, who were very slow. Only 2 balls and 1 ball person. Also both teams played in predominantly black jerseys, only difference were the white and gold numbers. At the start of the 2nd half the Greenwich coach informed the crew and the opposition coach his QB was injured and his centre had no helmet as he locked it in the car with his keys, so he asked for a running clock for the 2nd half and both coaches agreed.

Larry Rigby #269

25/01/15 v Royal Holloway Bears

Lincoln Colonials

The field is marked in red and is 80 yards with 2 x 8 yard endzones. The following lines are missing: Team/Coaching box lines at 25 yard lines, limit lines, 9 yard marks.

There are only one set of Goal Posts which consist of 2 drain pipes tethered to a set of football goal posts. The Changing Rooms are not lockable and is too small for 4 persons and is full of old rugby boots and other equipment. Both teams only have one set of shirts which are very close in colour but the home team shirts have white No's with different coloured Helmets so there was just enough difference for the game to proceed. The Down Box is only 4' high and is very difficult to see.

Chris Jarvis #10

15/02/15 v York Centurions

Leeds Celtics

The field is marked out with red lines which can be difficult to see when it is muddy or the sun is low. The balls presented by Leeds were very old and worn so Hallam provided their game balls. The chain crew were three cheerleaders who did their best but often got confused, didn't know which way they should be going or moved when they shouldn't! Apparently they also spent some time on mobile phones! Only one ball boy was provided.

Tim Vickers #129

07/12/14 v Lincoln Colonials

Keele Crusaders

Pitch was changed at 24 hours notice due to a waterlogged pitch at the primary venue. The game was played at Newcastle-Under-Lyme College. The team had access to the pitch at noon and marked out lines with duct tape. The pitch was marked to be an 80-yard field but was shortened by 10 yards prior to kickoff as the sideline on one endzone was incomplete. One midfield line present, the chains were used as the only reference points. No nine-yard marks or hash marks, team areas were not marked out adequately. Credit must be given to game management at Keele for getting a pitch marked out at such short notice. The game itself was played in a very competitive and sporting spirit and plaudits go to both sets of players.

Pete Roberts #87

25/01/15 v UCL Rams

Bristol Barracuda

80 Yard field, chains kept breaking, lines very faint and when facing the sun non-existent.

Coleman #177

07/12/14 v Exeter Demons

Kent Falcons

Played at Park Wood field. 90-yard grass field with markings in red, visibility of which stood up well under difficult conditions. Numbers incorrectly positioned. No 9-yard marks, team areas or limit lines. Game balls provided were all under-inflated but this was rectified by game management prior to kickoff. Excellent job done by the ball persons to keep the game balls dry enough to be playable under difficult conditions.

Tim Ockendon #481

22/02/15 v Cambridge Pythons

Liverpool Fury

No nine yard marks or numbers. No coaching line or team area markings. Changing rooms were not lockable and they were shared with soccer officials.

The home team were only able to provide one ball person, the visiting team provided the other ball person. The home team only provided two suitable game balls, the visiting team provided a third game ball.

Following a kicked try in the second quarter, one game ball went over the fence behind the goal, before the ball person could retrieve the ball it was nicked by a local. The home team were unable to provide a replacement and the remainder of the game was played with just two game balls. The field markings were faint at kickoff, following a rain shower in the second half they were barely visible at all and will need remarking before the next game.

Ben Griffiths #228

07/12/14 v Keele Crusaders

Northumberland Lightening

This game did not go ahead as minimum medical cover could not be provided.

Henry Richardson #25

07/12/14 v West Coast Trojans

Imperial Immortals

The game was called off at about 11am, with both teams and the crew present, because the groundsman declared the field unplayable.

Alan Dobson #308

08/02/15 v Hertfordshire Hurricanes

LSBU Spartans

On arrival at the field and after consultation with the groundsman it was felt that the standing water on the field, the general wetness of the area and the continuing rain would make it dangerous for a player knocked to the ground under a pile to be able to get clear of water or mud. Therefore the game did not go ahead.

Keith Wickham #423

01/02/15 v Reading Knights

Derby Braves

Several issues:

1, Changing rooms not locked

2, No 5 yard lines - BAFA exception for Derby applied

3, One set of goal posts

4. Team areas not marked

Otherwise a very good game well played by both teams

Andrew Lovell #559

25/01/15 v Durham Saints

OBU Panthers

No goal posts. Coaches agreed to play anyway. No 9 yard marks.

Coleman #177

07/12/14 v Essex Spartans

Leeds Carnegie

The field is 80 yards with 2 x 10 yard end zones. The following lines were missing: 3 yard PAT, Team Areas and coaching box, both of which were marked out by safety cones. All lines are extremely faint and hard to see under floodlights.

Chris Jarvis #10

01/02/15 v Leeds Celtics

Huddersfield Hawks

Upon arrival at the ground, we immediately noticed that there were no goals...but there were a few bits of drainpipe on the ground at one end. By the time we went back out to the field, said drainpipe had been secured to the perimeter fence by cable ties, but they hadn't fashioned a drainpipe crossbar. As this could not be used, both coaches agreed to a no post game. The field was marked in red, there were no five yard lines, three yard mark, numbers or nine yard marks. There were also no coaching or team areas.

Dan Holt #371

07/12/14 v Hull Sharks

Swansea Titans

Field markings were in blue, and had become very faint due to heavy rain prior to kickoff.

Amir Brooks #593

25/01/15 v Bristol Barracuda



New this week

Play: A's ball, try, on B's 3. B49 intercepts and advances for a touchdown. A23 is illegally in motion at the snap and B76 commits a personal foul on A's 36 during B49's advance.

Last week

Play: A's ball, 1st and 10, on A's 35. QB A10's backward pass from A's 33 is muffed by A44. A67 is about to recover the ball when B83 pushes A67 in the back (above or below the waist). B83 recovers the ball on A's 29 where he is downed. Ruling?

Ruling: Legal use of hands. B83 may push an opponent at, below or above the waist when he legally attempts to recover a loose ball. B's ball, 1st and 10, on A's 29 (9-3-3- c Exception 3).


New this week

Game Situation: 4th and 10, Team A are punting from a scrimmage kick formation. B12 is in a position to catch the untouched kick beyond the neutral zone. A89 runs up to B12, waves his arms and shouts at him in a attempt to put him off. The ball brushes A89's arm and is caught by B12 on the B20. B12 immediately goes to ground. Ruling?
Answer next issue...

Last week

Play: After a forward pass has been thrown, how much time should the umpire spend continuing to observe the action in the vicinity of the line of scrimmage before turning to assist deep and wing officials with the pass?
Answer: An umpire should turn to observe the pass immediately a forward pass is thrown. Once the pass has been thrown, holding and other technical fouls by the linemen will not normally affect the play, and the Referee should pick up any personal fouls. M-10-4-c-1.




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