BAFRA Rules Exams

Each year, every BAFRA official is required to take an examination based on the current Rulebook and Mechanics Manual. The level of success in this examination dictates the type of game in which that official may participate.

New officials are exempt from this exam, but must pass a competency test before being allowed to officiate.

The links below are for a Rubric (basic assumptions and marking technique), the exam itself and the exam with answers. Obviously, the exam is based on the Rulebook and Mechanics Manual applicable for that particular year and answers to questions set in an earlier year may not necessarily be correct when using the current books.

Readers of this page are encouraged to test themselves to see how they would match up against regular officials…

The following exams are available only to BAFRA members:

2006 Rubric Exam Answers

2005 Rubric Exam Answers

The following exams are available to all:

2004 Rubric Exam Answers

2003 Rubric Exam Answers

2002 Rubric Exam Answers

2001 Exam Answers