BAFRA Rules Exam Rubric 2005

There are 50 scenarios with 4 statements each within this examination. Each scenario has 2 correct and 2 incorrect statements. Select the 2 statements you believe to be correct by placing a TICK in the appropriate box on the answer sheet provided. If the Examination Committee has any doubt as to which box has been ticked, then the answer will be marked as incorrect. You must select exactly 2 statements per scenario. The exam will be marked as follows:

  • For exactly 2 ticks marking the 2 correct statements, you will be awarded 2 marks.
  • For exactly 2 ticks but only 1 correct statement ticked, you will be awarded 1 mark.
  • For all other cases, you will get zero marks (e.g. both incorrect, only 1 tick, 3 ticks, 4 ticks, no ticks, etc).

You should read all the questions very carefully, and specifically ensure that ALL requirements for any foul, enforcement or situation are met before deciding on an answer. You are particularly advised to check the definitions of all the terms that are used.

All questions refer to 2005 British American Football Association Rules and Interpretations or to the BAFRA Manual of Football Officiating (2004 Edition).

Unless specifically stated otherwise, assume the following for ALL questions:

  • all fields are full size and correctly marked in all respects
  • there are twelve inches in one foot and three feet in one yard
  • all plays are normal scrimmage downs and it is NOT 4th down or a Try
  • all acts occur while the ball is live
  • all acts occur within the field of play
  • all forward passes, Free Kicks, punts and Field Goal attempts are legal and untouched
  • all kicking or batting of a loose ball is clearly intentional
  • any out of bounds is between the goal lines
  • time remaining in a quarter is not of relevance and the 2-minute warning is not a factor
  • passes are not made to conserve time
  • all penalties are accepted, but are not severe enough to warrant disqualification
  • questions refer to the correct answer by rule and NOT whether you would actually throw a flag during a game (e.g. all holding affects the play)
  • free Kicks are kicked from Team A’s 35-yard line
  • tries are snapped from Team B’s 3-yard line
  • fair catch signals are valid
  • both teams have time-outs remaining in the half
  • all blocks are legal
  • all terms that are defined within the Rule Book are applied correctly whenever used
  • rulings that state a penalty yardage from an unspecified field position are not enforced from positions that would require half distance enforcement
  • the phrase ‘legal play’ means that the acts as specified are not contrary to the rules and no fouls, violations or improper procedures are described in the acts specified
  • no relevant information has been omitted from any scenario or statement

YOU MAY: use any books, manuals and magazines to assist you in working out your answers. Take as much time as you need to answer the questions, provided your answer paper is sent in BEFORE the closing date or you have been given PRIOR approval from the Director of Training.

YOU MAY NOT: confer with any other person about the contents of the examination (or the answers) in writing, in person, by telephone or by any other method before the closing date. Any evidence of improper conduct during this examination will be referred to the BAFRA Disciplinary Committee. The motto of BAFRA is ‘INTEGRITY’. You are expected to uphold this at all times.