BAFRA Rules Exam Questions 2006

Answer the questions as True or False. Unless otherwise stated, everything is normal.
See the Rubric for a full set of assumptions/instructions.

1Player’s equipment must meet the following standards:
ANo player may wear the number “00” (zero, zero).
BShoe cleats, whether detachable or not, must not exceed ½-inch in length. Any player found with such cleats must change shoes immediately and his team will be charged a team timeout if they have any remaining.
CIf a player’s jersey is so badly torn that it has to be changed and no other jersey is available with the same number, then he may switch to one with another number but must notify the Referee next time he returns to the field.
DHelmets, jerseys or attachments that tend to conceal the ball by closely resembling it in colour are not permitted.
2On a try down, Team A lines up in scrimmage kick formation:
AThe Referee should watch the kicker and holder until there is no threat of a foul against them.
BThe Umpire should be vocal to avoid cheap shots.
CThe Linesman should instruct the chain crew to lay the stakes and down box down near the sideline.
DOn a 4-man crew the Line Judge should always take his normal scrimmage down position.
3It is 4th and 5 at Team A’s 30-yard line, and Team A punts. B25 catches the ball at his own 20-yard line and advances the ball 10 yards before he is tackled. Before the ball is caught, B90 holds A20 at Team A’s 40-yard line
AAfter enforcement, Team B will next put the ball in play at its own 10-yard line.
BIf B90’s hold had been at the line of scrimmage, acceptance of the penalty by Team A would have resulted in a first down for Team A.
CIf A80 had been illegally in motion at the snap, Team B may decline offsetting fouls. Team B would be awarded a first down after enforcement of B90’s penalty.
4On a 2-point try attempt, Team A fumbles the ball into Team B’s endzone where it is picked up by B22. He advances with the ball to the Team B 2-yard line where the ball is fumbled. It is recovered in Team B’s endzone by B55 who is immediately tackled.
AThe result of the play is a safety. Award 2 points to Team A.
BThe captain of Team B shall designate which team shall put the ball into play.
CThe result of the play is a touchback.
5It is 4th down and Team A is in scrimmage kick formation. The ball is snapped high over the kicker’s head who has to retreat 20 yards into the backfield to have any chance of recovering the loose ball. On a 5-man crew:
AThe Line Judge should assist the Referee by observing actions against the kicker when the ball is loose in the backfield.
BImmediately following the snap, the Linesman should move to a position in the backfield where he can maintain coverage of the loose ball and assist with forward progress if the kicker is tackled in possession of the ball.
CThe Referee should maintain coverage of the ball when it is in his area of responsibility. If necessary, other officials will observe action against the kicker.
6It is the first play in the 3rd period of overtime with Team A snapping the ball from the designated 25-yard line. A8’s forward pass is intercepted by B41 who has a clear field to the goal line. Before he scores, B41 makes an obscene gesture towards the Team A side line.
AThe score by B41 is cancelled.
BIf B41 has committed a personal foul earlier in the game, he must be automatically disqualified for conceding two fifteen-yard penalties.
CHad B41 fumbled the ball during the return and had it been recovered by a member of Team A, Team A would begin a new series from the spot of the recovery.
DTeams scoring a touchdown in the 3rd period of overtime must attempt a two-point try. A one-point try (although not illegal) will not score a point.
7Fourth and 4 from B’s 40-yard line. Quarterback A11 receives a hand-to-hand snap, pitches the ball backwards to A27, and leads the play on a sweep. On Team B’s 42-yard line, A11 blocks B75 below the waist toward the position of the ball at the snap. B96 pulls A76 out of the way in an attempt to get to the runner, but A27 advances to B’s 12-yard line where he fumbles and the ball rolls into the end zone where A45 recovers the ball.
AThe result of the play is a touchdown.
BA11’s block is illegal
CB96’s action is legal
DThe Referee should be responsible for the ball and the runner and action around it or him until the ball crosses the neutral zone.
83rd and goal from Team B’s 1-yard line. A4’s forward pass glances off the Umpire and the ball heads towards two eligible receivers, A81 and A98, and a defender, B44 deep in the end zone. Seeing B44 is in position to intercept the pass, A81 blocks him from in front above the waist. A98 catches the ball in the end zone but whilst running towards the ball had placed one foot on the end line. A spectator, in a public area of the ground, makes a disparaging remark about the Umpire’s girth and parentage. This spectator is recognised as a long-serving Team B player who is neither on the team roster nor kitted for this game as he is currently suspended having been disqualified in the previous game in which he played.
AThe block by A81 is offensive pass interference. Penalise Team A 15 yards from the previous spot.
BBy going out of bounds, A98 lost his eligibility to be the first offensive player to touch the forward pass. The penalty is a loss of down and the ball will next be put into play 4th and 1 from Team B’s 1-yard line.
CPass interference can only apply during a down in which a legal forward pass crosses the neutral zone.
DBy rule, as the spectator who made the disparaging remark is a registered and suspended Team B player, the Referee must report him to the relevant authorities via an incident report following the game.
9Team A punts on 3rd down. The kicker receives the snap and hurriedly kicks the ball away under pressure from oncoming Team B players. The ball rifles off his foot at a low trajectory hitting the back of the snapper, A56, who is still in his original position on the line of scrimmage. The ball rebounds into Team A’s backfield.
AIf a Team A player recovers the ball in his backfield the ball is dead and the covering official should blow his whistle.
BIf the ball goes out of bounds still behind the line of scrimmage, then it will be 4th down to Team A at that spot.
CThe touching of the ball by A56 is a violation and Team B may elect to take the ball at this spot.
DThe blocking of a scrimmage kick by an opponent of the kicking team who is no more than 3 yards beyond the neutral zone is considered to have occurred within or behind the zone.
101st and 10 from Team B’s 40-yard line. A9 drops back to pass and moves some six yards towards the left-hand sideline but not beyond the normal position of the left tackle. Seeing that he is about to be sacked by B76, and in order to save yardage, he throws a forward pass beyond the line of scrimmage into an area where no eligible Team A player has a reasonable opportunity to catch the pass. During the down, time expires in the third quarter.
APenalise Team A loss of down at the spot of the foul.
BAssuming that the penalty is accepted, the third quarter will be extended until a down free from live ball fouls not penalised as dead ball fouls has been played.
CThe Referee is solely responsible for intentional grounding calls, but may consult with other officials about the position of eligible receivers.
DOn a 6-man crew at the end of the third quarter, the Line Judge should move quickly along his sideline and remain there at the yard line at which the ball is next to be put into play. This is to assist the Umpire in ensuring that the ball is spotted at the correct yard line; the Umpire is solely responsible for the ball’s lateral position.
112nd and 10 from Team A’s 4-yard line. A11’s forward pass falls incomplete. Prior to the pass, A34, who is three yards deep in Team A’s end zone, accidentally grabs hold of B49’s facemask and realising what he has done immediately lets go without twisting, turning or pulling it. Seeing the facemask foul, B70 comes up to A34 after the ball is dead and punches him in the stomach.
AAs there is a live ball foul followed by a dead ball foul, these will be enforced in order of occurrence. The ball will therefore next be put into play by Team A, 1st and 10 from their 17-yard line.
BThe penalty for a live ball incidental face mask by a Team A player is 5 yards from the basic spot.
CAs the pass fell incomplete, the clock will next start on the snap.
DB70 must be disqualified for the remainder of the game.
124th and 2 from Team B’s 10-yard line. Team A snaps the ball and A43 runs with it up-to Team B’s 6-yard line where he is hit and the ball comes loose. B27 catches the ball at his own 4-yard line and his momentum carries him into the endzone where he too fumbles the ball…
A… and the ball rolls into the pylon on the goal-line. Ruling: Safety.
B… and the ball goes out of bounds at Team B’s 3-yard line. Ruling: Team B’s ball at the 3-yard line.
C… and A66 falls on the ball in the endzone. Ruling: Team A’s ball at the B 6-yard line.
D… and A66 falls on the ball in the endzone, but while the ball was loose in the endzone, A77 held B55 in the endzone. Ruling: Team A’s ball 1st and 10 at Team B’s 10-yard line.
E… and the ball rolls into the field of play where an official blew an inadvertent whistle when the ball was at the 1-yard line. Ruling: If the down is not replayed then it will be a Safety – 2 points to Team A
F… and the ball rolls into the field of play and whilst it is still moving A66 attempts to pick up the ball but only muffs the ball back into the endzone and out of bounds. Ruling: Safety
13It is 4th and 11 from Team A’s 30-yard line, and the ball is punted. The deepest receiver, B25, who is standing at his own 25-yard line, muffs his attempted catch and the ball bounces from his outstretched hands and into the arms of A40 who is standing at Team B’s 35-yard line. A40 runs 15 yards before going out of bounds at Team B’s 20-yard line. It is a 5-man crew.
AThe Back Judge’s initial position on the punt should be about 5 yards behind and 5 yards to the side of B25.
BThe spot where the kick ends is Team B’s 25-yard line.
CIf the Back Judge blew his whistle as soon as A40 gained possession of the ball, it would have been an inadvertent whistle.
14There are 25 seconds left in the game with Team B leading 17-13 and Team A has no timeouts remaining. On 1st and 10 from Team B’s 22-yard line and the clock starting on the ready for play, A57 snaps the ball which is muffed by Quarterback A19 then caught by Running Back A23 who throws the ball forwards directly to the ground to stop the clock.
AIllegal pass; this is not a valid attempt to conserve time.
BThe clock will next start when the Referee declares the ball ready for play.
CThe terms “muff” and “fumble” are interchangeable.
DThere is no requirement for A57 to snap the ball between his legs providing the snap is a quick and continuous backward motion.
15Team A attempts a field goal from Team B’s 15-yard line. It is a 5-man crew and the Back Judge and the Line Judge are under the posts.
AThe Line Judge has responsibility for whether the ball passes over the crossbar.
BThe Back Judge alone should blow his whistle when the result of the kick is obvious and the ball is declared dead.
CThe ball from the field goal attempt hits the crossbar and bounces into the endzone. The Back Judge and Line Judge should move quickly along the end-line to a position where they can continue to officiate the play and only rule the ball dead when possession has been gained by either team.
DFor a 5-man crew on long field goal attempts (i.e. if the ball is snapped from outside Team B’s 20-yard line), it is permissible for only the Back Judge to go behind the goal posts and for the Line Judge to initially be in his normal position on the line of scrimmage.
EThe ball strikes a Team B player at the line of scrimmage and is caught by B25 at his own 5-yard line. The Back Judge should immediately blow his whistle to kill the play.
16By rule,
AThe Referee is the sole arbiter in respect of decisions as to whether to cancel, delay, suspend or abandon the game.
BThe uprights and crossbar of the goal should be white or yellow in colour.
CDetachable shoe cleats must have concave sides.
DSpearing must be intentional.
EIn youth kitted football, tripping the runner is prohibited.
FThe on-field time keeper shall start the clock only on the Referee’s signal, even if incorrect by rule.
17On the opening kickoff, B25 muffs the ball at his own 10-yard line and the ball is deflected into Team B’s endzone.
AIf A30 recovers the ball in the endzone it is a touchdown.
BIf B25 recovers the ball in the endzone it is a safety.
CIf the kick had touched the ground in Team B’s endzone untouched by B25 or any other Team B player then it is a touchback.
183rd and 4 from Team A’s 29-yard line. Team A lines up with eight men on the line of scrimmage, five of whom are wearing a number between 50 and 79; the other three are A80 who is split wide to the right, A48 who is next to the left tackle and A93 who is wide to the left. A2 throws a forward pass that is caught by A48 at Team A’s 35-yard line. A48 advances to Team A’s 39-yard line where his forward progress is stopped inbounds.
AThe formation prior to the snap is legal.
BThere are two fouls by Team A on the above play, the penalties for which are identical.
CHad A48 been numbered A58, it would have made no difference to answers A and B of the above scenario.
DOn a 5-man crew on a passing play, the Umpire should be prepared to rule on players ineligible by number or by interior line position going downfield illegally.
191st and 10 from the Team A 25-yard line – the ball is on the right hashmark. The Quarterback scrambles out of bounds on the Team A 20-yard line on the left side of the field. A60 was guilty of holding on the Team A 23-yard line. The clock had started on the Ready for Play.
AIf the penalty is accepted the ball will be placed on the right hashmark
BIf the penalty is accepted, the clock will again start on the Ready for Play.
CAfter penalty enforcement, the ball will be placed on the 13-yard line.
DIf the penalty is declined, then the ball will be placed on the left hashmark.
201st and 10 on the 50-yard line – it is a 4-man crew. The Quarterback pitches the ball to A22 who runs to the Linesman’s side of the field and the runner is tackled at the Team B 39-yard.
AThe Referee should take a position before the snap 5 yards deeper that the deepest offensive back, favouring the Line Judge’s side of the field.
BThe Line Judge should line up 2 yards wider than the widest receiver on his side of the field.
CThe Linesman should move into the backfield to observe the action
DThe Line Judge should observe action behind the runner.
21It is 4th and 10 from Team A’s 25-yard line. The ball is punted by A10 and caught by B20 at the Team A 40-yard line.
AIf A10 is roughed, and this is the only foul on the play, the penalty is 15 yards from the previous spot and first down to Team A if the first down is not in conflict with other rules.
BIf B20’s attempt to catch the kick is impeded, and this is the only foul on the play, the penalty is either 5 or 15 yards depending upon whether there is contact
CIf both of the above fouls occur on the same play, the penalties are administered separately and in order of occurrence.
22Team A snaps the ball from Team B’s 40-yard line, but B67 had lined up in an offside position. The ball-carrier, runs wide to the Line Judge’s side of the field and runs the ball into Team B’s end-zone. During the run, the Line Judge is contacted by someone on the sideline and is knocked over. After the play, the Umpire confirms that the Line Judge was contacted by a squad member.
AIf Team A declines the offside penalty, then the touchdown will stand.
BThe penalty for defensive offside is 5 yards from the succeeding spot.
CA sideline warning shall be given against the team on the Line Judge’s side, which incurs a 5-yard penalty if this is the first occurrence.
DA sideline warning shall be given against the team on the Line Judge’s side, which incurs a 15-yard penalty if this is the fourth occurrence.
EIf the contact with the Line Judge is deemed to have been deliberate, then the perpetrator will be disqualified.
23On a free kick:
ATeam A’s restraining line will always be its 35-yard line.
BNo Team A player may block an opponent until Team A is eligible to touch a free kicked ball.
CA Team A player who attempts to return inbounds immediately having been blocked out of bounds by Team B commits a foul. The penalty is 5 yards from the previous spot.
DTeam A commits a foul if it kicks the ball whilst having 3 players on the kicker’s left-hand side and 7 players on the kicker’s right-hand side. The penalty is 5 yards from the previous spot.
243rd and 5 from Team A’s 40-yard line. Team A breaks from the huddle, line up and all players are stationary for less than a second before back A39 goes into motion and he is still in motion, parallel with the line of scrimmage, when the ball is snapped. A12’s forward pass is intercepted by B43 at Team B’s 49-yard line. B43 advances to A’s 41-yard line where he goes out of bounds. After the interception, but before the ball is dead, B78 blocks A21 below the waist at Team A’s 38-yard line.
AA39 has committed an illegal motion foul.
BAs both are live ball fouls, the fouls must be offset; replay the down.
CAt the snap, any player of Team A may be in motion, provided it is not towards his opponent’s goal line.
DThe penalty for B78’s foul will be assessed from the end of B43’s run.
25Third and 7 on Team A’s 8-yard line. A11 takes the snap and throws a backward pass intended for A34 who slips on the soggy field. The pass lands at Team A’s 3-yard line and immediately comes to rest. In an attempt to recover the ball, A66 pushes B77 in the back and forces him into the ball. The ball goes into the end zone where A66 recovers it while downed.
AThe result of the play is a safety
BThe penalty for an illegal block in the back which occurs in the field of play is always 10 yards from the basic spot.
CA66’s block on B77 is legal
DThe Linesman has goal-line responsibility on this play for all crew sizes.

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