BAFRA Members’ Handbook – Membership application process

Membership application process

New applicants for membership of BAFRA need to complete a membership application form (MS-Word format / PDF format), sign it and send it by post to the General Secretary.

The precise process is as follows:

  1. Applicant sends form by post to the General Secretary (GS) along with the appropriate payment of £30 (or £5 for those only wishing to become affiliate members. There is no payment required from those only applying for temporary membership..
  2. GS checks that:
    1. the form has been completed fully – if not, GS refers back to applicant
    2. the correct payment accompanies the form
    3. applicant is not on any blacklist (e.g. banned from the sport)
  3. GS shares the application with the Membership Sub-committee (himself and the President or another Director) and they decide whether the applicant meets the membership requirements
  4. If there are no issues with the application, the application will be accepted – it is expected that the vast majority of applications will be accepted at this stage of the process
  5. If the applicant does not meet the membership requirements or any issues arise (Regulations 1.11, 1.12, 1.13), the applicant will be rejected.
  6. If an application is rejected, GS will inform the applicant and notify them of the appeals procedure (Regulation 1.12).
  7. If the applicant appeals, GS sends the application plus a confidential report on the reasons for the original rejection and any further statement provided by the applicant to the Membership Appeals Sub-committee (the other directors) and they make the final decision.
  8. If an application is rejected, any payment made will be refunded provided that any training material that has been issued is returned in good condition to the GS.
  9. If/when an application is successful, GS will inform:
    1. the applicant
    2. the webmaster (so that access to the website can be provided)
    3. the BAFA Central Registration System (together with the appropriate fee)
    4. the Director of Training
    5. the Director of Operations (so that the new member can work if he has passed the competency test)
  10. An applicant who is rejected (including after appeal), may apply again no sooner than 6 months after the submission of the original application.
  11. Normally, applicants will be notified of the result of their application within 7 days. Appeal decisions will normally be notified within 14 days. Either may take longer if further information or checking is required, or key personnel are unavailable.