BAFRA Members’ Handbook – Responsibilities


The Directors are elected under procedures laid down in the Constitution.

Other persons are appointed by the Board of Directors.

Role Person(s) Reserve(s)

Appeals CommitteeSince the introduction of the new Constitution in October 2007, the Board of Directors has taken over the role of the Appeals Committee
Assessment reports receptionDavie Parsons 
Assessment working partyDavie Parsons (c), Paul Sutton, Steve Tonkinson and others 
BAFA representativesJim Briggs, Davie ParsonsOther directors or members as appropriate
Coaches reports receptionDavie Parsons 
Company SecretaryPaul Sutton 
Convention organisersDavie Parsons, Mark Snow, Charlie Dean-YoungAndrew Lovell
Director of Finance *Andrew LovellCharlie Dean-Young (income and expenses)
Director of Operations *Pete Johnson 
Director of Recruitment *Ben Griffithsvacant
Director of Training *Davie ParsonsMark Snow
Director without Portfolio #1 *Dan Bridgland 
Director without Portfolio #2 *Steve Tonkinson 
Disciplinary Committee, Chair,Robert FrielDavie Parsons (d)
Disciplinary Committee, MembersPhil Cottier, vacant1) Chris Jarvis, 2) Martin Cockerill
Elite Programme Development CoordinatorPete ParsonsDavie Parsons
Email mailing listsColin WilloxJim Briggs
Examinations Committee, ChairPaul SuttonDavie Parsons (d)
Examinations Committee, MembersWill Marriage, Tzvi Lindeman, Robert Friel, Les Connor 
Flag DownColin PayneJim Briggs (d)
Flag working partyDan Bridgland (c), Martin Cockerill, Alan Dobson, Phil Clarke, Nobby Scott, Phil Cottier, Chris Oates 
Gameday paperwork stockholderDavie Parsons 
Game expense claim processingPaul SuttonCharlie Dean-Young
Game report receptionCharlie Dean-YoungPaul Sutton
General Secretary *Paul SuttonMark Snow
Health & Safety OfficerDavie Parsons 
Incident report follow-upJim BriggsPete Johnson
Incident report receptionAll directors plus Newsflash editor 
Induction training manualDavie Parsons, Dan Bridgland, Steve Tonkinson 
International liaisonKeith WickhamJim Briggs (d)
Intellectual property and licensingJim BriggsAndrew Lovell
John Slavin Award data collectionPaul SuttonJim Briggs (d)
John Slavin Award trophiesChris JarvisJim Briggs (d)
Manual of Football OfficiatingJim Briggs 
Members handbookJim BriggsColin Willox
Membership enquiriesBen GriffithsDavie Parsons
Membership Sub-committeePaul Sutton, Jim BriggsSee regulations
Membership Appeals Sub-committeeDan Bridgland, Pete Johnson, Davie Parsons, Ben Griffiths, Andrew Lovell, Steve TonkinsonPaul Sutton, Jim Briggs (if not involved in original decision)
Membership listPaul Sutton 
Neutral Zone compilerAlan DobsonJim Briggs
Newsflash distributionDean Wright / Colin WilloxJim Briggs
Newsflash editorDean WrightJim Briggs, Alan Dobson
Officiating Review Committee, Chair *Davie Parsons 
Officiating Review Committee, MembersOther directors 
President *Jim BriggsSteve Tonkinson
Public relations / press releasesJim BriggsAlan Dobson
Registered addressRichard Prattley (Harris, Beattie & Young)Paul Sutton (d)
Returning OfficerTzvi LindemanPaul Sutton (d)
Rules and Mechanics Committee, ChairJim BriggsDavie Parsons (d)
Rules and Mechanics Committee, MembersBrian Yates, Paul Sutton, Peter Parsons, Steve Tonkinson 
Rulebook editorJim BriggsAlan Dobson (flag)
SchedulingPete JohnsonPhil Clarke
Selection Committee, Chair *Pete Johnson 
Selection Committee, MembersGraham Coleman, Les Connor, Muz Gibson, David Parsons, Steve Tonkinson, Brian Yates 
Status of games *Pete Johnson & Andrew Lovell 
Video libraryKeith Wickham 
WebmasterColin WilloxJim Briggs

* indicates an ex officio responsibility; (c) = chair; (d) = responsible director