BAFRA Team Pack 2014

Getting BAFRA officials for your games

BAFACL playing rules

  • BAFA Rule Changes 2014
  • BAFA Rules Points of Emphasis 2014 – IMPORTANT
  • Introduction to Disciplinary matters for Clubs – see links for BAFACL clubs and BUCS clubs, covers roster forms, disqualifications and appeals
  • BAFA Rulebook [link to full version online]

BAFA field markings

BAFRA will be presenting the John Slavin Awards in 2014 based on Field Audit scores made by BAFRA officials at each league game.

BAFRA articles for match programmes, etc.

  • About BAFRA and refereeing
  • 3rd & 10 – one play from an official’s perspective
  • BAFRA recruitment flyer

BAFRA recruitment

  • 20 reasons to become an American football referee
  • BAFRA recruitment poster
    • Same poster on white background
  • A5 BAFRA Recruitment Flyer (black and white, double sided)
  • Application to join BAFRA [link] – if you know someone who wants to become a referee